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Why did the germans make alliances in the late 19th century?
Because they were afraid that frace would try to regain alsace-lorraine
Why did the french make alliances in the 19th century?
Becuse they were fearful of Hermany's growing military and industrial strenghth and they wanted alsace-lorraine
Why did britain and france form the entente cordiale in 1904
Both rivals of germany so they could work together, H.M.S. Dreadnaught
What was an important boat
HMS Dreadnaught
Why did russia join with Britain and france to form the triple entente in 1907
russia had split from germany and they had lost a war to the japanese in 1905
Why were the system of alliances in europe a threat to peace in that region
increased tension, a country that has allies is more agressive, "chain reaction"
what is militarism and why was it a threat to peace in europe
glorifying war and arming ones country for it. because any small conflict brough on cries of war, (sabre rattling-threatening to use force)
why was france ready for war
wanted to regain alsace lorraine
why was germany ready for war
extend german power and territory
why was russia ready for war
wanted pan-slavism, helped slavs in order to gain the mediterranean
french nickame for germans
where and when were franz and sophie ferdinand killed
sarajevo on june 28 1914
why were franz and spohie ferdinand killed
to pave the way for a slavic revolution
who killed franz and sophie and what group was he part of and what kind of gun did he use
gavrilo princip, the balck hand, smith and weston
what were franz ferdinands last words
"sophie you must live for the children"
what does yugolsavia mean
union of southern slavs
why did austria not want to avoid war in 1914
because they wanted to stop a serbian rebellion, revernge for franz's death, no more pan-slavism
why did germany not want to avoid war in 1914
their alliance with austria was important to their security, berlin to baghdad railway runs through the balkans
why did russia not want to avoid war in 1914
feared austrian control of the balkans, "big slavic borther" to serbs
why was great britain not factored into the calculations for war in europe
did not have a large army, stayed out of affairs usually
what was the british army called
"the old contemtibles" or "tommies"
who was edward grey
britains foreign secretary in 1914, he knew the war would be long (the lamps are going out all over europe and they will not be lit again in this lifetime)
"a scrap of paper?"
britain wanted to go war bc of a peace treaty with belgium
why did the germans not win a quick decisive victory in 1914
because the russians were too fast and troops were needed when russia invaded prussia
what was no mans land
the area between opposing lines
the machine gun
600 rounds/minute, defensive
the tank
broke stalemates, but too slow and vulnerable
poison gas
ineffective but terrifying
the airplane
used for spying, then pursuit and later came bombers
who was roland garros
a famous french pilot
the submarine
john holland invented it, most famous sub (u-boat) was the lusitania, prolly most hated weapon
barbed wire
defensive weapon
named after count von zeppelin, rigid air ship that could fly very high, had a canvas skin
what was air fighting called?
battle of the marne
WAR WONT BE SHORT-1914- called the taxi cab battle, miracle on the marne
battle of ypres
battle of tannenberg
2 good things about russias army
large amount of men, the size of the country
russian officer who screwed up the battle of tannenberg
samsonov bc he divided the army into two around a swamp so communication was impossible
battle of the somme
BRITAINS BLOODIEST DAY WITH 57,470 CASUALTIES-british attack on the germans 1916, only 100 yards gained
battle of verdun
LARGEST BATTLE OF THE WAR, 1 MILLION CASUALTIES, "they shall not pass", nothing gained
battle of gallipoli
churchill's idea, capture constantinople and bosporus, open up black sea
the biggest disgrace of the german navy
their mutiny
the battle of meuse-argonne
the battle of jutland
ONLY MAJOR BATTLE ON THE SURFACE, germans won but left so technically the british won, 1916
battle of caporetto
SHOWED THAT ITALY SHOULD HAVE STAYED NEUTRAL-1917, offensive in alps against austrians
why was russia forced to sue for peace at brest-litousk
its army was poorly trained, ill led, lost its will to fight, badly equipped, more than 2 million dead, food shortages
why did italy enter the war on the side of the allies
because it was promised land in austria and africa
what is italiarredenta
unredeemed italy
why did japan join the allies
promised territories in china and neighbooring islands
why did australia and new zealand join the allies
to join with england (the commonwealth)
how did the turks frustrate the allies
mines in the dardanelles, heavy artillery along shores, could not access balck sea fleet
why did the arabs join the allies
becuse they wanted to topple ottoman rule and GET INDEPENDENCE
who was colonel T.E. Lawrence
lawrence of arabia, helpes the arabs, felt betrayed by his army bc they didnt help
what is propaganda
info to tell ppl what to beleive (opposite of censorship)
what was the lusitania
a british passenger ship that was sunk by a german u-boat
why did the zimmerman telegram move the US closer to war
because the germans angered Americans even more by promising their land to mexico
unrestricted and restricted sub warfare
german tactic
offesive weapon, not effective
Browning Automatic rifle desgined to break up a stalemate
who were the allies
britain, france, russia, italy, US, japan, portugal, greece, serbia etc.
who were the central powers
germany, austria-hungary, turkey, bulgaria
where was the western front
400 miles from the swiss fronteir to the north sea
which four empires crumbled as an effect of WWI
austro-hungarian, german, ottoman, russian
john j pershing
black jack, "lafayette we are here
ferdinand foch
over all allied commander, french, pershings boss
eddie rickenbacker
94 infantry,racecar driver, shot 22 planes and 4 balloons, won the congressional medal of honor
raoul luftbeary
american, taught eddie rickenbacker
frank luke
friend wagner was killed by germans, hated germans as a result, won the congressional medal of honor
alvin c. york
religious farm boy, killed 25 and took 132 prisoners, won the congressional medal of honor
father francis duffy
parish was in times square
george duywemer
of the storks, flew away and never came down
rene fonck
greatest allied ace, 80 victories
billy bishop
of canada, 72 planes shot down
albert ball
19 years old, kills 40
german villain
kaiser wilhelm von hohenzollern
austrian villain
emporer franz josef von hapsburg
russian villain
czar nicholas romanov
turkish villain
abdul the damned or abdul the butcher
the red baron
baron bon richtofen
general patten's nickname
"old blood and guts"
what does russia do as a result of WWI
undergoes a revolution and becomes the world's first communist state
league of nations
14 points made by wilson, "peace without victory", disarmament, self-determination, fiar treatment of colonial ppl