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black churches that wanted to end discrimination
Martin luther king JR.
Led the discrimination reform
used nonviolence tactics
a association of students from the south
Congress of racial equality
freedom riders
integrate group of bus riders who went to the south
Eugene Connor
Birmingham's city commisioner
Diane Nash
SNCC leader
James Meredith
wanted to go to university of Mississippi but governor said no
Laurie Pritchett
Police chief in georgia
civil rights act of 1964
banned discrimination in employment
Robert Moses
He wanted to register black voters
council of Federated Organizations
24th amendment
banned poll taxes
Freedom summer
Moses plan
Andrew Goodman
a college student from new york
James farmer
core directer
nation of islam
liked black ideals
elijah muhammad
was leader of islam
malcolm x
a young black minister
Stokely carmichael
SNCC member
black power
wanted black seperatism
bobby seale
worked in anti poverty center
huey newton
worked in anti poverty center
black panther party
politican organization
kerner commission
was appointed to investigate violence
poor peoples campaign
a march on DC
ralph abernathy
told marchers to go to capital hil
sending kids to integrated schools
affirmative action
it compensated for discrimination