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consumer price index
an economic indicator; a monthly price survey for a list of goods and services
economic indicators
economic information used to measure the economy; includes gross domestic product, consumer price index, inflation rate, and unemployment rate
gross domestic product
an economic indicator; the total market value of all goods and services produced in the United States in a certain period
an economic indicator reflecting a steady increase in the consumer price index
refers to an economic system where producers and consumers rely on each other and on other economies to succeed
labor union
an organization of workers formed to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions for workers
the lowest-quality coal; a soft, brownish-black coal that, because of its high water content, burns poorly
mineral resources
inorganic substances that were formed by Earth's geological processes; include oil, natural gas, salt, sulphur, and lignite
natural resources
a gift of nature, part of the natural environment; includes the air, the soil, water, and minerals
refers to natural resources not replaced by nature once they are extracted from the environment
smaller, softer trees (mostly pine) that are shredded into pulp to be made into paper
refers to biological resources that replenish themselves over time
an offshore port in the Gulf of Mexico that was constructed to handle extremely deep ships; serves primarily the offshore oil industry and Louisiana's oil refineries
a tax on imports designed to keep out foreign competition
private goods and services
goods and services produced in a market economy. Ex. a hamburger is a good sold at a diner of your choice.