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an embryo consisting of a few cells
stem cells
how do cells differentiate
by turning some genes on and off in different cells and different proteins are made
cell specialization leads to ..... variation
the development of specific and distinctive features in cells is called
cell differentiation
programmed cell death
why commit cellular suicide
got stressed out cells, uneeded, excessive or aged
when cells undergo death, do they leak their content to other cells
during young adulthood cell numbers vary often
F, remain fairly consistent
accelerated growth
most problems associated with old age is caused by
cell aging
a sure way to kill a cell is by depriving it of
what is the wear and tear theory
aging is caused by less oxygen getting to our cells and therefore dying, also toxins and free radical damage
what are the other theories of aging
autoimmune system gets bad and therefore cant destroy what can destroy cells, and the genetic theory, whole idea with the telomeres
strings of nucleoties that cap the end of chromosmoes
everytime the cell divide what gets shorter
the telomere