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GI Bill
readjustment act of 1944
/ciybcuk if ecibinuc advusers
to confer with that president on economic policy
Taft Harley Act
it gave judges the power to end sme strikes and oulawed closed-shop agreements
committee on civil
to examine racial issues
J strom thurmond
presidential candidate
henry wallace
the other liberal news dealers left the democratic party
Thomas dewey
of new york as their presidential candidate
Fair Deal
trumans fair deal promised full employment a higher minumum wage
George meany
AFL CIO'S first president.
highway act
1956 also contibuted to suburban growth
baby boom
Having a crap ton of more children
Juvenile delinguency
antisocial behavior by the young
rock n roll
this music rewroked rthym and blues
elvis presley
emerged as rocks leading talent
Brown v board of education
it involved Linda Brown and African American student from topeka
Thurgood Marshal
argued on browns behalf
Little rock nine
from entering the shchool
Rosa Parks
an african american seamstress provied the naacp with its opportunity
Montgomery improvement
a group of lacal civil rights leaders
Martin Luther King JR.
a 26 year old baptist minister
Civial rights act of 1957
bill made it a federal crime to prevent qualified person from voting
formed in 1929 adopted many of the same tactics to fight for hispanic right s.
Felix longoria
was a mexican american soldier killed during ww2
Ralph ellison
published invisible man in 1952
a small but influentioal group of writers and poets
Jack Kerouac
his novel on the road was written in a continuous three week long session
Urban renewal p