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"Little Brown Brothers"
What Taft called the Philippinos
Philippines Commission
created by President McKinnely and led by William Howard Taft (first governor of the Philippines); internal
improvements to make US look
good to improve relations=> built hospitals, schools, roads and bridges etc.; millions go into the project
US foreign policy in China
b/c of changing times and the
business world's need for new
markets, everyone stampedes for China and US joins in the
Open Door Policy
so...b/c US is late, most of the good market's hav already
been monopolized, so Sec. of State John Hay suggests this;
says u hav to respect Chinas
rights & in order to avoid conflict & make things benef-
icial ovrall, no one country can monopolize a market; by allowing one another to move freely abt China we increase competition
Boxer Rebellion
primarily in Beijing; group of Chinese who want foreign pwrs to leave; targets are whites; in 1900
In response to the Boxers...
the foreign pwrs get together an army mostly led by Euro.s to take them out; US send 2500/18000 ovrall-bit
players, we are
$333 Million
amt. of cash Euro pwrs decide China should pay to make up for damages & total cost, 24.5 of which will go to the US
$18 million
Sec. Hay looks @ the 24.5 mil
and says, this is crazy, this
war didn't cost us that much!
so he gives -- mil back to China to set up a fund to send ppl to be edu. at US universities--results in westernization of Chine when these students become politic
-al leaders
Presidential Election of 1900
R-McKinnely, D-Bryant; R. want TR 2b Mck.'s VP b/c the political bosses are getting fed up w/his honest shit as gov. of NY; McKinnely wins
Bryant's Campaign Platform
make or break issue (gamble):
anti-imperialism; argues that McKinnely is taking them
down the wrong path...
The electorate picked...
McKinnely, indicating that imperialism wasn't so (-)ly viewed as Bryant would've liked; was not a blowout, tho
World Fair, September
McKinnely is assasinated, TR takes over, Big Bosses shudder now...backfire!
Teddy Roosevelt
b. to a wealthy NY family, decides to leave comfort zone
& be a reformer, very aggress
ive as president, White House
= Bully Pulpit, first prez since Lincoln to get pwr back
from congress
Bully Pulpit
T.R.'s term for the White House; there's not reason to fade into the woodwork when ur prez, use ur pwr to make changes!
Panama Canal
Teddy's first big project; a man-made shortcut to get from the Gulf of Mexico to the West Coast
first place considered by French, US and GB engineers to build the canal thru
Philippe Buenau Varilla (1)
french engineer in charge of
company down in Panama surveying; TR gives him 40 mil to let US take over, he insists on staying a part of project
June 1902 Treaty w/ Columbia (of which Panama was a part @ the time)
TR offers $10 mil & an annual payment of 250 G in perpetuity, in exchange for 6 mi strip of land under US control on which the canal'd
be built; Columbians refuse to accept it, hold out for more $$$$
when columbians refuse the treaty trying to hold out for more $$$$ it....
BACKFIRES!TR gets pissed, goes around gov; supports a rebellion in Panama, b/c once they win they'll be grateful to the US & let'm in
Buneau-Varilla (2)
becomes leader of Panama after rebellion; for P. to be recognized as an indep. country, it must be recognized as such by another country, which the US
does for it; deal accepted
Col. George Washington Goethals
US engineer from Westpoint who is in charge of the project
Col. William Gorgas
discovered that by digging drainage ditches they could keep disease-bearing bugs away
Foreign Policy
slogan--"Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
stated that the Latin American countries were under
US protection, that any euro.
country that wants to meddle w/them will hav to go thru us
first, b/c they'd fallen into
debt and we didn't want Germany collecting and coming ovr to sit in our backyard
TR's Nobel Peace Prize
won in 1904; Russia and Japan
fighting, Russia running out of resources, asks US to intervene, helps force agree
ment w/which niether are totally happy
Japanese Laborers in CA
after the earthquakes, skools
in San Fran. shut out asian kids, Japanese gov. gets mad and complains to TR;Gent Agre
Gentleman's Agreement
the Japanese gov.'ll work to slow flow of immegration to San Fran. if board of edu will desegregate schools