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the most common cause of vitamin b-12 deficiency is lack of
intrinsic factor
tpn are used in what pt.
pt that are in a coma, have diff. swallowing,complex gastric surgery , on ventilator, and who has mild absorption problems
which viatmintreats scury
V. C (ascorbic acid)
which Vit. is used to reduce cholestrol
b-3 (niacin)
if a pt. is taking iron supplements the nurse would teach this pt. that the most common side effect of iron thearpy relates to which body system?
ms. t is an 80 y.o. pt. who is beingtreated for osteoporosis. for this condition the nurse should recommend that ms. t. must receive plenty of what?
if youo have a pt. with a potassium level of 5.7 what med. would the dr. prescribe.
what meds. place a pt. at risk for hyperkalemia?
what is the difference betwwen fat soluble and water soluble?
fat soluble is stored in lipids (vit. a,d,e,k)
water soluble dissolves easily in water and excreated
the nurse should recommend to a pt. that iron suplements must be administered
1 hour before or 2 ohours after a meal
for someone who has a potassium level 6.0 or > should what foods
scallops, veal, bean, potaoe, mushrooms, squash, tomatoes,banana, cantaloupe,figs, prun juice,and O.J.
what vitamins do you give to newborns?
vitamin k (aqua mephyton)
pernicious or megaloblastic anemai is due to a dificiency of
Vit. b-12 (cyanocobolamin)
what contains Vitamin D
in animals and humans by ultraviolet light on skin,
fish, cod liver oil
60 to 80 % of all iron in the body is associated with
alcolhol abuse is the most common cause of ______ deficiency in the United States
thiamine (b-1)
which of the following is a major mineral?
a. magnesium b. moybdenum
c. copper d. fluroide
A. magnesium
which of the following is a trace meineral?
a. sulfur b. phosphorus
c. calcium d. selenium
D. selenium
total parenteral nutrition often involves the administration of
amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates
certain diuretics are sometimes prescribed to prevent excess loss of
ferrous sulfate has a tendency to cause constipation in certain pt. the nurse might recommend which of the following to counteract this side effect?

a. pepto-bismol
b. compazine
c. mylanta
d.docusate (surfak)