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Roosevelt's Early Foreign Policy
Recognized SOviet Union was the first thing he did by loaning them money for supplies.
Spanish Civil War
Communist try to take the govt by force. Franco try to set up a Facism state. Facism won, Communist lost
Chamberlain & Hitler
made an appeasement Hitler wanting a Piece of Czechoslovakia, but ends up taking all of Germany since they produced nuclear weapons.
Flying Tigers
planes by US to be used to help CHina- wiped out Japanese by this.
Non-Agression Pact
made by HItler n Stalin that stated that Germany and Russia will never go to war against each other.
World War II
Began Sept. 1939 by the capturing Poland by German & Russia
new fighting "Lightning & war"; tanks lined up on one place first before the footsoldiers.
Where the German Settled on the coast to fight the English.
an evacuation place out of Belgium for the English
Battle Of Britain
English throw out Chamberlain in the battle of the East Germany by the support and help US pilots to defeat German. Winston Churchill (became prime minister)
American Organization to Spy & assasinate bad people
Manhattan Project
a project to create amercian nuclear atomic bomb; involved greates scientist like Einstein.
German wants to capture this to take out Russia's tanks & planes. But Russia recaptured it after the help of USA causing the turning point of the European War.
German defeat his US Army during the Operation torch-soldiers barely trained to fight.
General who train the peole to fight who defeat the German during the Operation Torch
D-Day June 6 1944
Normandy, France, thousands of people were buried to here; ENDED THE WAR;
Battle of the Bulge
German plan to cut US supply line in Belgium; US won givin the last chance for German; US slowed the German down to have their tanks run out of gas.
Battle of Berlin
Russia wants the atomic bombs in Berlin, had spies to capture them; Lost 100,000 man and capture Berlin. Hitler Commits Suicide causing Germany to surrendered in 1945
Pearl Harbor (DEC 7 1941)
suprised attack on US Naval Battleships by Japan.
Mistakes made by Japan were they did not destroy submarines, fuel carriers, and sink aircraft carriers.
Turning point of the Pacific. US follow the Japanese aircrafts home where they had bomb Japan aircraft carriers.
Leyte Gulf
Battle for Philippines for US & Japan; US marines was trapped and was wipeout by the Japanese. However Johnson circling around allowing the Japanese it was the US next fleet made the Japanese go home. DUring the night, US wiped out the Japanese using their radar.
Iwo Jima
"stinky island"- worst lost for US MArine; 5000 marines died. Japan trapped the US marines here. Where they raised the flags. Wipeout by attacking with what they all got. they capture Iwo Jima. killed 12,000 Japanese, 7 Survive.
US captured this as a base. Japan used large # of Kamikazeez(suicide plane). US Lost large # of navy ships.
Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Truman allow to bomb these two cities as for the Japanese to surrender.
held a conference meeting between US, Britain, & Russia to make plans after the war.
Russia meeting;
a)Soviet Union Declares war on Japan in exchange for Manchuria & Kurille Islands
b)United Nations Formed April 1945
Iron Curtain
Communist line of defense to keep people in the country.
Truman Doctrine
prevents US and countries to fall into communist country
Marshall Plan
to rebuild the European countries
Berlin Blockade
US control half of Berlin
Military alliance with US & western European allies & Russia Allies
Warsaw Pact
Russia treaty, agreement to western cities in Russia to allied to go against NATO
Mao Zedong
leader of communist; defeat Chiang that put Taiwan as a communist also.
Chiang Kais-sher
leader of non-communist
Korean war (88 Parallel)
June 25 1950. against N. Korean and S. Korean.
Nikita Karushev
shot all the members of collective leadership- became the leader of SOviet Union
Leonid Brezhnev
took over Nikita by throwing hr out of power.
De Gaulle
General, dominated France; build up atomic weapons, got help from US
Konrad Adenauler
leader of West Germany; brought capitlaism along with Ludwig Erhard; they cut income taxes work pay; no employment
Clement Att Lee
new prime minister of Britain; formed NAtionalization Society that Govt is gonna take over industry & control them for the people; also create Welfare states
brought about the end of Cold war; thought communists the best thing in mankind
put off the counting out of Russian communist; countries killed the vessel leader
made army to shoot communist leaders that ended the cold war
George Bush
Desert storm
Bill Clinton
Gerhard Schroeder
socialist prime miniester; Germany collapse under him
Margaret Thatcher
new leader of Britain, lowered the taxes, more jobs
Rennicipation of Germany
put Germany in control of the Socialists
says that he protect US from terrorists
Troops are fighting to train.
Lyndon Johnson
made of lie of GUlf of Tonkin Resolution
Green Movement
still socialists that replace communist from the world environment
part of our life everday.