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new Immigration
the new immigration started after the Civil War and reached its peak at beginning of the 20th century. these immigrants were mainly from eastern eastern and Southern Europe and migrated b/c of hard economic times. they included greeks, Italans, Slavs, and Poles. When they arrived they arrived they faced strong nativist opposition in the US and were greatly discriminated against
Streetcar subarbs
streetcars continued to branch from the inner city problems. subarbs close enough for whte collar worker to commute daily.
cheap, run-down, high-rise apartments in the inner city that housed the poor
Anthony Comstock
lifelong war on immorality by defending sexual purity and attempting to remove obscene pictures from society
Jane Addams, Hull House
Humanitarian reformer who established a halfway hose for homeless children called the Hull House because she was disgusted by inner cities problems.
joe Roebling
built the Brooklyn Bridge 1883, 1st large suspension bridge in Am
Louis Sullivan
Am's 1st architects. functionalism: everything on a building must have a purpose or function. 1st to build skyscrapers. opened a schools for architects
Frank lloyd Wright
architect who had a theory that buildings should have their own unique style. not romanesque. blend with environment and surroundings.
ashcan School
group of painters depicted life through paintings. Armory Show of 1913. pictures of trashcans
Literacy Tests
limited immigration into US by turning away immigrants who could not read or write English
Chinese Exclusion Law 1882
After Kearney terrorized the Chinese, demanded Chinese be turned away from the country. Congress placed a 10 year moratorium/suspension on Chinese immigration.
American Protection Association 1887
MOst common anti-foreign organizations in the US. nativist goals like immigraion exclusion
Chautaqua Movement 1874
origin = Chautaqua, NY. 4 year adult education program designed to teach illiterate adults how to read and write
Charles darwin
1859 "Origin of Species". science and rationality = evolution. conflicted with Protestant and Catholic Churches.
Social Darwinism
philosophy applied evolution to social studies by stating that the law of survival of the fittest. govt. sould not uplift the poor thru social programs or charity b/c the poor are lazy while the rich are harworking