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What is an Angiosperm?
Flowering plant
What part of the plant is the Root System?
What part of the plant is the Shoot System?
stems, leaves, buds, flowers, fruits
What are Roots?
- Branched portions of plant body
- Usually embedded in soil
What are Six Major Functions of Roots?
1. Anchor Plant
2. Absorb Water and Minerals
3. Store surplus sugars
4. Transport water, minerals, sugars, and hormones to and from the shoot
5. Produce some hormones
6. Interact with soil fungi and microorganisms
What are Shoots?
- branched portions of the plant body
- usually above ground
What are Meristem Cells?
- differentiated cells
- able to divide as long as the plant lives
What are Apical Meristems?
Located at tips of roots and shoots
What are Lateral meristems?
- run parallel to the long axis of roots and shoots
- also called Cambia
(Cambium - singular)
What is Primary Growth?
- Occurs by division of apical meristem cells
- Responsible for growth in length of roots and shoots of all plants
Secondary growth occurs by the division of what kind of cells
lateral meristem cells
Primary growth occurs by the division of what kind of cells?
apical meristem cells
What kind of growth did the plant have when the plant's root increase in diameter?
Secondary growth
What kind of growth did the plant have when the plant's roots increase in length?
Primary growth
What are Differentiated Cells?
Mature cells specialized for a specific function
Where were differentiated cells derived from?
meristem cells that lose the ability to divide
What are examples of Differentiated cells?
- Vessel elements
- Tracheids of xylem