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Gilded Age
post-Civil war era. by Mark Twain book's "The Gilded Age"
"gold-plated on the outside, core made of lead
Ulysses S. Grant
1869-1877. surrender of Civil War w/ Robert E. lee. republican. completion of the 1st transcontinental railroad, Black Friday stock market crash (1869). ratification of 15th amendment (1870). financial panic of 1873. political scandal: Credit Mobilier, Whiskey Ring, Belknap Scandal
Jim Fisk and Jay Gould
Business men and financiers helped cause stock market crash. made millions, ruined investors when they tried to corner the gold market.
Thomas Nast
Political cartoonist during 1860s and 1870s. Democrats = donkey. Republican's elephant. tammany tiger. corruption of the Tweed Ring. Tammany Hall in NYC = downfall of Boss tweed and supporters.
reupublican's elephant
Horace Greeley
New York Tribune in 1841. For: organization of labor, high protective tariff. oppose: Mex war, woman suffrage, slavery. "Go west young man..."
Roskoe Conkling
Senator from NY. leader of Stalwarts/conservative wing of Republican Party after 1876.
Rutherford B. Hayes
President 1877-1881. Comp of 1877. remove all fed troops from the South-end military Reconstruction. labor problems, strikes.
james A. Garfield
President 1881. last pres born in a log cabin. reunite Stalwart and Half-bree of repub party. assasinated after 4 months
Chestar A. Arthur
President 1881-1885. honesty and efficiency. vetoe Chinese Exclusion act, support Peddleton act (politicians seek money from big business), civil service commssion/regulate govt hiring on a merit sys basis.
Grover Cleeveland
President 1885-1889. 1893-1897. 1st Demo pres after war. quiet honest civil service reform-type govt. military pensions. 2nd term: repeal Sherman Silver Purchase Act, sent troops to subdue Pullman Railroad Strike, lower tariff.
Benjamin Harrison
pres 1889-1893. McKinley tariff, Sherman anti-Trust Act, Billion Dollar Congress, Silver Issue
Tweed Ring
corrupt NY politicians led by "Boss" tweed- leader of Tammany Hall. After Civil War, Tweed Ring stole millions from NYC thru bribery, contracts, dishonesty. tried, convivted, and jailed.
Credit Mobilier
construction Co in 1864 by stockholders to build Union Pacific Railroad. bribed congressman to sell shares of stock at 1/2 market value for favorable legislation regarding public land grants. exposed in 1873 during Grant.
Whiskey Ring
Grant's 2nd term. Whiskey distillers, revenue collectors, and high fed officails, avoided taxation thru fraud reports of whiskey production. most esaped w/ light punishment
Pendleton act
passed 1883. Civil Service Commission, required competitive examinations for some fed jobs. dismantle part of Spoils Sys.
ind repubs, refused to support Blainefor party's rep. supported Cleveland
conservative right wing Repub after 1876. led by Conkling. supported Grant. opposed reform of Hayes (civil service). support high tariffs and strong Reconstruction poli
Compromise of 1877
pres election of 1867. hayes wins against Tilden over disputed votes. South Dem = mad, but he pulled troops out of southern states. end Reconstruction, deprive freed blacks of fed protection
after civil war
Plessy V. Ferguson 1896
Supreme Court reconize seperate but equal facilities for races are constitutional
Greenback Labor PArty
political 1874. address problems of farmers and debtor groups. increase # of greenbacks in circulation, farm prices to raise, farmers more money to pay off their debts. appeal to labor, "party of the poor"