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On an envelope a comma separates the street and city, the city and state, but not the state and zip code.
To:Kristi Haines
6838 shelldrake,
Troy, MI 48085
Use a comma to seperate items in a series.
Penny is cute, playful, and soft.
Use a colon between the hour and the minute when you write the time.
11:17 a.m.
Use a colon before a list of items.
Penny is as follows: cute, cuddly, playful, and hyper.
Use semicolons between parts of a compound sentence if they are not joined by a conjunction.
Penny's favorite games are tug-o-war;chewing on bones.
Use a comma before and, but, yet, for, nor, or, and so when they join the parts of a compound sentence.
Penny is very hyper, but sometimes she is calm.
Use either a period at the end of a request or command.
Come here Penny.
Come here Penny!
Use a qusetion mark at the end of a statement.
What is your dogs name?
Use a period at the end of a statement.
My dogs name is penny.
Use a period after certain abbreviations.
Mydogs initals are P.S.H..
Use a comma to seperate two or more adjectives that come before a noun.
Penny is a cute, playful dog from the Michigan Humane Society.
Use a comma after words such as well to begin a sentence.
Well, Penny is stil a good dog.
Use commas to set off words in an direct address.
Mom, may I take Penny for a walk?
Use a comma after the salutation of a friendly letter and after the closing of any letter.
Daer Caitlin,

Use a colon after the sautation of a business letter.
Dear Mr.Haines:
Use commas to eet off appositives and appositive pharases that are not needed to understand the meaning of a sentence.
My dog, Penny, will come.
Use commas to set off an expression that interrupts a sentence.
My dog, penny, was very hyper last night.