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what is an antibody and how does it function
an antibody is: a protein made in response to an antigen

2- it attatches itself to an antigen and makes it harmless
What is one source of passive immunity?
the newborn's mom-

when newborn babies lose their passive immunity they must be vaccinated
what is the difference between active and passive immunity
active- makes its own antibodies

passive- gets it from another source
what happens if disease-causing bacteria gets through a break in th eskin and enters the circulatory system?
The body makes antibodies in white blood cells

it can not fight of disease- you will get it

what are vaccines made of
an antigen that gives you active immunity against your disease
how are pathogens trapped by and expelled from the respitory area
mucas and hair-like cilia traps pathogens; expelled by coughing or sneezing
what are you body's first line defenses agains pathogens in general
respitory system
digestive system
and circulatory system
____ and 3 systems
how do vaccienes work
prevent diseases
what is this type of immunity called

(how do vaccines work?)
antibodies- active immunity
what is another way to get this type of immunity

(how do vacines work..prevent diseases)
need to be vaccinated
what defenses does the digestive system have against pathogens?
saliva, enzymes, hydrochloricacid and mucas
what is an antigen
molecules that are not recognized by your body