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Growth of Industrial Prosperity
A)Second Industrial Revolution industry transformed the human environment & people believed material progress meant human progress.
1st man to developed a long lasting cheap steel.
Basic process (steel)
started by Germans to make steel brittle n last even longer.
Archibald Cochrane
discovered how to use Coaltar to make TNT bombs, plastic, etc. by combining different chemicals with coaltar oil.
William Murdock
developed a whole industry of gas life.
developed another coaltar that makees rubber.
William Perkins
made first artificial dye (Mauve) for cloth.
is used to making papers, dyes. can only be found underground.
leader invention of electricity; invented the distribution of light bulbs; also made 1st photography moving picture.
German who invented the alternator current for car's engine.
invented the transformers bundle of iron plates.
invented the telephone.
developed wireless radio
1st inventor of the carburator.
made the 4 sided pistol in the car.
made the world 1st automobile named Mercedez after his daughter.
made the 1st car assembly to make cars; fastest car maker.
made the 1st blimp.
Wright Bros 1903
developed the 1st aircraft that flew for a long picture of time.
control one entire industry in one country.
Max Planck
started the quantum particles that look like waves.
Ernest Rutherford
found that ratiation composed of gammas, betas, n alpha particles.; discovered the atom's nucleus
Niels Bohr
discovered the plantery model of an atom
Albert Einstein
discovered of the theory of where you are & how fast are you going
extreme form of romantic philosophy;
father of irrationalism; evolved totalarian by decadent western culture & humans at mercy of life forces & Superman has no morals
George Sorel
elite rules socialis society; told what you they are told.
Freaud & Psychoanalysis
says behavior is determined by unconscious mind of ID, EGO, SUPEREGO; Also, study repression to forget bad memories in your mind.
Herbert Spencer
idea: societies evolve from struggle with environment
create everything by physical laws.
reactions by churches; rebelled; people do crazy things
believe churches are used by social exchange to make money.
Women's Rights
A)Change in Marriage & Family Laws
B)Access to higher education
C)Nursing developed
D)Media stunts gain attention
Florence Nightengale
started the modern women nursing program
Clara Barton
brought nursing in America from England
Emily Davidson
most famous for jumping onto King George V's horse.
started by Theordor Herzl; believe that a jewish state/ country should be formed where they can be safe.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand
assassinated in Sarjevo, Bosnia by Princip which caused Serbia & Austria for a war.
Causes of WWI
1)Competition for colonies & commercial interests
2)Secret Alliances
3)Active foreign policies
4)Lack of flexibility by Military leaders
5)Competetion to take slavic states newly freed from Ottoman Empire.
June 25, 1914
date when WWI started: 49 million Allies, 25 million central powers;
Von Schlieffen Plan
Germans want to attack France first by striking through Belgium but failed to catch them Behind therefore lost.
First Battle of Marne
French stopped German invasion of Capturing Paris.
Trench Warfare
b/w German & France; type of warfare that separates the opposite team on one side of the field by using dugoouts as base.
Battle of Tannerberg
Generals Hindebrug & Ludendorff defeat Russia by their new artilleries and their swamp trap.
Battle in which British and France came across; plan to only to capture Constaninople, but failed because of this.
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare (U-Boats)
German Submarine which was used as convoys to import and exports supplies to countries.
U-boats British use to smuggle supplies for them
Battle of Verdun
Bloodiest battle that resulted a draw. French try to fight German to weakend them, but German too has a plan to wipe the French. Re
Battle of Jutland
Largest naval battle during the WWI; bloody war that lost many people; resulted a draw as well.
Lawrence of Arabia
archaelogist who start to rebel against Turks & Arabs
Bolshevik Revolution
A)March 1915- Tsar abdicates & provisional govt set up by Kerenky (Petrograd Soviet member)
B)April 3 Lenin- used Leon Trotsky to create Red Army to take control of Gov.
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Communist signed a this treaty with German to leave the war.
Second Battle of Marne
German Grand attack to break into the French's trench by crawling their gunmen covered them. German defeat French, then USA defeat German which ended WWI.
Armistice day (Nov. 11 1918)
Navy Revolts; William II left for Holland & Socialist Fredrich Ebert took over Gov.; also the people stop shooting
Treaty of Versailles (June 28)
German was forced to signed this by the Big Four. caused germany to disarmed, gave up teritory, lost colonies: league of nations formed right after.
Big Four
Lloyd George, Orlando, Clemenceau, & Wilson. made the Treaty of Versailles for German to sign.
Civil War 1918-1921 (Russia)
1)White army attacks Reds in Siberia
2)Ukranian White army attacks Reds around Moscow
3)Baltic American & British Troops attack Reds
4)royal Family Shot
5)Cheka Formed (secret police)
German Communist Revolution
1)Nov. Revolution - Social Democrats form gov. after Mutinies in Army & Navy & Demonstrations Among the people
2)Karl Liebknecht & Rosa Luxemburg set up Communist Gov. In Berlin 1917
3)Parliament & Free Corps Put Down Communist & Killed Liebknecht & Luxemburg
Treaty of Versailles (recent peace settlement)
France too Lebanon & Syria from Ottoman Empire; England took Iraq& Palestine From Ottoman Empire.
French Policy of Coercion
a)French try to find security from strict enforcement of Treaty.
b)Ruhr & Mines taken from germany
c)This caused inflation in germany which made communist strong 1923
Dawes Act
passed by US to loaned Germany money to pay off their debts & inflation
Treaty of Locarno
outlawes all European Country to start a war.
The Great Depression
started in America then spread worldwide.
-produced too many products that nobody wants to buys
-US Federal Reserve have a monopoly on credit on banks which has lower interest rates that caused peole to borrow money and spend them. Then, they raise the interest rates, less loans causing people to lose jobs and money.
B)Communism takes on New popularity
Labour Party
took over Democractic states in Britain--Ramsay Macdonald (prime minister) is anti-Business.
Popular Front 1936
formed by France; means that everyone is together; double wages cause inflation to rise faster.
Economic Cooperatives
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland.
Franklin Roosevelt
Passed the New Deal that would give America paid jobs.
Deficit Spending
started by Keynes- to make the country prosperous is by print money & spend them on anything.
started by Mussolini; states that the the rich are in control.
Hitler (Nazi)
makes sure the rich control govt.; gov is authoratian.
poor is the dictatorship who run's everything.
New economic Policy (Lenin)
allowed a little bit of capitalism under Lenin.
killed all the jewish in New Econnomic Policy when they were trial for treason.; massacre a great amount of Christians in Russia.
Radio & Movies
a) BBC In Britain
b) Private Ownership In U.S.
c) Germany-Geobbels(control all Radio & Shows in Germany)
d) Movies - Entertainment for the masses
1)Birth of A Nation (First Full length Movie)
Mass Leisure
8 hour day; sporting events.
Oswald Spengler
wrote 'Decline of the West'
Irrational Philisophy
1)believe humans are violent irrational animals
2)Avant-Garde: Incapable of creating a same rational world
school of arts--belief life has no meaning nor purpose.
belief life cannot be understood.
Herman Hesse
study unconscious mind and wrote 'Steppen Wolf' about young having social problems.
came out with the uncentertainty principle; says that physics is hard to know, since consist of atoms
Otto Hahn 1938
split the atoms