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Andrew Johnson
pres after lincoln assaasinated. 1865-1869. disagreed w/ congress on how to deal w/ south. vetoe on Freedmen;s Bureau and Civil Rights Bill overridden by radical republicans. passed 13th and 14th amendments
14th amendment 1865
guaranteeed citizenship to all black citizens in the US
15th amendment 1865
no citizen shall be denied the right to vote on amount of race or previous condition of servitude.
wade-Davis Bill 1864
1st attempt at reconstruction by Congress that abolished slavery, disenfranchise Confed leaders, required majority of the pop to take oath of allegiance. Lincoln pocket vetoe ->Congress = wade-Davis Manifesto
Freedmen's Bureau 1865
agency est. by Congress provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and employment for the newly freed slaves. wednt out after couple years.
Civil Rights Act 1866
protected newly freed black pop by invalidationg the Black Codes. equal protection of the law, blacks = citizens, forbade discrimination
Military Reconstruction 1867
Congress, 10 years to divide the South in 5 military districts run by army. ordered const. convention w/ black and white delegates. tried to gaurantee black suffrage and ratified the 14th amendment
Seward's Folly
Will H. Seward negotiated Alaska Purchase in 1867.
Ku Klux Klan
secret organization. ghosts of the Confed dead. intimidated blacks from voting after Civil War
"poor white trash" of South. want power and land. gain from Repub rule take advantage of newly freed blacks.
Northern Repubs went to south to gain political advancement and wealth. befriended blacks, blacks voted carpetbaggers in office
Southern farmers who rep'ed old planter elite. intimidated blacks with the White League
White League
Thaddeus Stevens
leader of the Radical Republicand. promote Military Reconstruction. impeachement of Andrew Johnson
Black Codes
laws passed by legislatures of southern states after civil War. attempt to regulate activites of and place restrictions of former slaves.
sys of farming. tenant farmer provides labor for a share of the income. owner of land supplies land, housing, food, clothing and supplies. sys abused. near-peonage status.