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Mughal Empire
An empire lasting from 1526 to 1761 covered most of the subcontinent of India
Indian National Congress
In India, a congress formed in 1885 to provide a forum where Indians could discuss their problems
Muslim League
A group formed by Muslims in India in 1906 to protect their rights
Mohandas Gandhi
An Indian who encouraged his fellow citzens to protest the British using non-violent methods
A group of fundementalist Muslims who took control of Afganistan's goverment in 1996
Martial law
Temporary military rule that occurs during a time of war or when the normal government has broken down
A group of people in India, formally known as the "untouchables," who were previously outside the caste system and considered lower than the lowest caste system and who gained some rights under India's new constitution
Indira Gandhi
In 1966 she became India's first women Prime Minister
A village council in India