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Fort Sumpter 1861
US fort Charleston, S. Carolina. after S.C. seceded North laid siege to Fort Sumpter. began Civil War
1st Bull Run 1861
1st battle of the Civil War. north defeated
North sux
Robert E. Lee
Confed General. most skilled military strategist. led confed;s to victory thru Civil War
Stonewall Jackson
Confed general. "Stonewall" at Bull Run unwillingness to yield
a stone wall
George McClellan
eastern portion of Union army. Peninsula Campaign. fired b/c too cautious at Antietam
Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
western Union army ->defeated at Shiloh. assigned to Lincoln to eastern theater. "butcher"- wasted so many lives at battle. at end of war = control of whole Union army
William Tecumseh Sherman
gen. March to the Sea. trail of destruction thruout the south.
Antietam 1862
bloodiest day of Civil war (22,000 casualties). 1st Union victory in eastern theater
Emancipation Proclamation 1863
after battle of antietam. lincoln proposed to free slaves in rebellious states. allow slavery in Border states that didn't rebel. gain brit support for Union
Vicksburg 1863
Union victory under Gran, w/ gettysburg = turning point in war
Gettysburg 1863
greatest battles in north america (55,000 casualties)
Draft riots
north and south had acts to draft ppl in the war. 1863, NYC immigrants start draft riot b/c rich ppl could dodge draft by paying a fee
Appomattox Courthouse 1865
site of Confed surrender. ended war
xtreme northern demos led by clement Vallandigham. believed the Union could be united if slavery were not attacked. opposed conscription and arrested on charges of hindering the union cause w/ slander about lincoln and his supporters
dont know what they have to do w/ copper.. North Democrats
Lincoln's 10% Plan 1865
allowed Southern secession states to restore their old govt after 10% of the voters had given an oath of loyalty to the union
Radical Republicans
political party that wanted the Reconstruction to be a radical change. favored political subservience of the South. led by Thaddeus Stevens
13th Amendment 1865
abolished slavery. us Adopted 1865 after Civil War