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Term used to describe how both parties viewed the attitudes of the ruling class of labor.
Basic Conservitism
The major political issues at the turn of the century?
Labor, tariifs
Term used to describe election campaigns based on sex lives, waving the red shirt, etc.
Politics of Emotion
Loose knit neighborhoods run by ward bosses?
City Machines
City bosses provided jobs, protection, and charity for immigrants in exchange for what?
Unquestioning politcal support.
When suppliers over pay contracts, and the excess is turned over to the politician that gives contract.
NY organization led by Croker which was the most conrrupt example of a City Machine?
Tamany Hall
Term used to descirbe jobs given out as political flavors after an election?
The biggest kickback received from the City Machines involving immigrants? 2
Party gets cheap labor.
Immigrants vote for Machine.
Because southern Democrats and New England Rep. always voted on party lines, elections were usually determined by these states?
NY, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Elections were rampant with mudslinging, character assasination, bribary, and voter fraud, because?
Parties were hesitant to commit on the issues.
President that was assasinated, leaving Arthur as President?
Act created by Garfield (1883) that creates the Civil Service Commission?
Pendleton Act
What did the Pendleton Act do?
Made it illegal to force officeholders to make political contributions.
What resulted from enactment of the Pendleton Act?
The President was able to expand the list of positions.
Pres. candidates began to get contributions from corp. instead.
The Populist Movement was triggered by?
The agricultural depression in the south and west.
Term used to describe the small farmers challenging the status quo of low prices for crops and high transportion costs?
Agrarian Radicalism
Term for small farmers forming co-ops so that they have more bargaining power?
Cooperative Ethos
Business man who attempted to address depression. Wanted a program of Federal Public Works. Led a demonstration in Washington?
Coxey's Army
Jacob Coxey
Free coinage of silver, graduated income tax, national ownership of railroads, 8hr/day, etc.
Populist Party Platform demands.
Idea set forth by the Alliance of the Knights of Labor and the Populists, of a sub-treasury?
Government would store crops until the price went up again, in order to cut out the middleman.
Famous woman Populist
Mary Lease
Democratic nominee in 1896, that goes on 'whistle stop' campaigns because press does not support him against McKinley?
Wm Jennings Bryant
Campaign manager hired by McKinley to get him elected?Called "the kingmaker"
Mark Hanna
The election of 1896 was characterized by: 3
The use of the media to transmit fear.
Mobilization of big money.
Socialist Party nominee
Gompers AFL
Governor from Colorado who is pro labor and sends in Militia to protect strikers.
Davis Waite
Deflation of the dollar benefits? "gold standard'
Creditors; banks
Inflation of the dollar benefits? 'silver standard"
Debtors; farmers, workers
Refers to tension within American labor regarding tariffs, and race issues?
Full Dinner Plate