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Peace Settlement in Vienna
A)Congress of Vienna- started a peace settlement to get all Royal Family back on the throne & territory.
B)Prince Metternich- Chairmam who believe royal people are the better people
C)Quadruple Alliance- combine armies of Russia, Austria, Prussia, & England; had intervention that protect the Royal families from invasions of other countries.
Ideology of Conservatism
A)Great Britain (opposite of American Capitalism)
1)Both Houses in hands of Landowners
Rotten Borroughs
voting districts ho everyone move away and still the same amount of representatives; consists 3 members of paliament(MP)
Pocket Boroughs
Landowners who control people to work for them. use people as a pocket.
parites ran by landowners; supported absolute monarchy 100%.
parties who represent the middle class; supported small landowners; not suppoorting monarchy 100%
Nicholas I
Russia's Czar, too over more control by establishing Secret Police roaming the city.
A)Laissez-faire- believes marketforces decide economic quetions
B)Gov. has only three functions: defend country, police protection; Construction of Public works.
Thomas Malthus
wrote 'Essay of Principles of Population': as food supplies doubles, population quadraples;
David Ricardo
wrote "Iron Law of Wages": population rises fasters than production of wages
John Stuart Mills
wrote "On Liberty"
A)Community with common institutions, traditions language, and customs gain the people's loyalty.
B)All people should have their own gov.
C)Germany & Italy kept from becoming nations
Early Socialism
A)Utopian Socialists: believe that the Society can be perfect.
Charles Fourier- Communal: share everything with other people
Robert Owns
New Harmony, Indiana(starting town)-a communal system; last 2 & 3 years until people started killing people.
Louis Blanc
Social problems solved by Gov. no competition.
Charles X
passed July Ordinaces that abolish German deputies n middle class no longer vote.
July Revolution
King Fled; workes want a U.S. Type Govt. but middle & upper class want a constitutional monarchy.
Louis Philippe
"Citizen King" dressed like ordinary people, but still king.
Reform Act of 1832
passed by Whigs to take politcal power off the common people; Rotten Boroughs then have equal amount of people in town; all men paying 10 euro rent per year can vote;
Poor law 1834
have workhouses in where people make a living.
Simon Bolivar
led the revolt in Vnezuela Colombia
Jose de San Martin
led the revolt in Chile, Argentina, Peru
Brazil 1824
King of Spain had a fight with son & then the son and his portugese led a revolt against the Brazilians that led an overtake by Portugese
Greek Revolt
A)After 400 yrs Nationalis Revived in 1821
B)1827-British & French Navies against the Greeks, Greeks won.
C)1828-Russia frees many Christians.
Growth of U.S.
A)Constitution commimitted to liberalism & nationalism
B)War of 1812 ended Federalists part
C)Marbury Vs Madison
D)Democrats formed and Freedom Economic
Marbury vs Madison
makes Supreme Court Equal to other two branch so laws would not violate constitution.
Andrew Jackson
When president, democrats were formed that allow 3 men to vote in US and economic freedom
Revolution of 1848
A)France- Depression so Gov't gave the poor jobs, but govt went broke so revolt. so Second Republic was setup
Louis Napoleon
newphew of Napoleon Bonaparte; was put in to be president of France
Frankfort Assembly
was held in Prussia as arguement whether to have Big Germany(Include AUstria)or Small Germany(Excludes Austria)
led the revoluition group "Young ITaly" to revolt and unify Italy as a country.
Emergence of an ordered society
A)New Police forces in France
1)Paris started first police in 1828
2)London-Robert Peel-started the police Constables
3)Berlin-first to give police guns.
B)Prison Reform
Challenged the reason of the Enlightenment with emotion. Truth found by using intuition, feelings & imagination.
'The Sorrows of Young Werther
by Goethe; best representation of the culture of Romanticims
Romantic Hero
a loner, a genius(not being part of the socitey), want to died for a cause, wants power.
Grimm Bros.
Romantic people who collected fairytales
Hans Christian Anderson
made up his own fairytales
Walter scott
wrote 'Ivahoe'
Romantic; wrote crazy stories & poems (mostly gothic)
Mary Shelley
wrote 'Frankestein'
Napoleon III
Emperor of France
A)Seized pwer 1851, gave vote to 97% of men to becoma an absolute mornarch.
B)Paid subsidies to industry
C)Fought in crimean War
D)Declared war on Prussia 1870
Crimean War
war b/w Ottoman Empire allied with French against Russia to defend Christians; Russia lost the war
Victor Emmanuel II
King of Sardinia who unify Italy
minister who lead the country intow war against Austria
Garibald I
Italian who led the groups "REd Shirt" to revolt in the South; defeat the spanish & French in the south
Otto Von Bismarck
prime minister of Prussia, took Germany to unify into one nation.
a trade union of Germany
Danish War 1864
was used by Bismarck to capture Schleswig & Holstein
Austro-Prussian War 1866
War b/w Germany&Prussia against Austria; Austria lost due a new gun artillery.
North German Confederation
Bismarck formed this to enable their own govt, but not seperate the nation.
Franco-Prussian War
Bismarck tricked Napoleon III into declaring war.
Battle of Sedan
where Bismarck defeated the France by is steel cannon.
William I Kaiser
Emperor of France who sign a peace treaty in Versailles with Germany.
Emancipation of Edict
passed by Alexander II that states all serfs are free to live and govt gave them land to farm and make a living.
formed by the peasants; it's a social cooperative of people combining tools to be use on farming.
Alexander III
returned absolute mornachy in Russia after Alexander II was assassinated by the rebellion of the middle class.
Second Reform Bill 1867
passed by Queen Victorian to prevent revolution to occur again in Europe; it passes Civil Service Exams(any can work for the govt if passed), secret ballot, Education Act(govt pay people to get education)
William Glastore
leader of Liberals(formely Whigs). "all politics are conspiracy"
Benjamin Disraeli
leader of Conservatives(formely Tories)
Karl Marx
jewish; work for newspapers as reporter. wrote "Communist Magnesfecto" where all Communist idea from.
1)abolish property
2)minimum wage subsitence
3)abolish family ties
4)abolish counrty nationality
5)abolish internal truth & religion
6)factories & production are in govt's hands
7)progresses income tax
8)abolish right of inheritance
9)creditaliztion established.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
let slavery be determined by popular sovereignty
Emancipation Proclamation
passed by Lincoln to make way for anti-slavery; to free slaves
US Civil War
a)1890s slavery destroyed whig party
b)Kansas-Nebraska Act
c)Lincoln's Election 1860
d)Civil war was Total War
e)Emanicipation proclamation
f)APRIL 9 1865: War/Slavery Ends
Birth of Canadian Nation
a)Upper class: Ontario-English speaking
b)Lower class: Quebec-French speaking
c)1837 Rebellion-Indians against British
d)American Civil War Frightened Britain
e)1867 Dominion of Canada formed(own their own internal affairs)
Science Culture
Science of industrial revolution based on practical experiment & amateur inventor. But people support scientific research.
Louis Pasteur
frenchman who found out diseases derived from germs
Joseph Lister
invented anaceptic to kill germs
took dalton theories and arranged elements according to their atomic weight by making the periodic table with laws.
developed the electric generator
Charles Darwin
1)wrote 'Origin of Species'(says things changed over times in a way of surviving).
2)says wrong ideas other people developed from his theories.
Auguste Comte-
Sociologists who says scoiety should be study scientifcally
b)Rejects Flowery Language
c)Brutalization of human