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personal selling
involves the two way flow of communication between a buyer and seller, often in a face to face encounter, designed to influence a person's or groups decision
sales management
involves planning the selling program and implementing and controlling the personal selling effort of the firm
relationship selling
the practice of building ties to customers based on a salesperson's attention and comitment to customer needs over time. involves mutual respect and trust among buyers and sellers
order takers
order taker-processes routine orders or reorders for products that were already sold by the company
order getters
sells in a conventional sense and identifies prospective custoemrs, provides customers with information, persuades customers to buy, closes sales, and follows up on customers' use of a product or service
customer sales support personnel
augment the sellling effort of order getters by performing a variety of services.
stages of selling process
6)follow up
formats for sales presentations
stimulus response presentation
formula selling format
need - satisfaction format
ways to handle objections by a customer
1)acknowledge and convert the objection
3)agree and neutralize
4)accept the objection
6)ignore the objection
sales plan formulation
a statement describing what is to be achieved and where and how the selling effort of sales people is to be deployed
sales force compensation
1)a clear job description
2)effective sales management practices
3)personal need for achievement
4)proper compensation, incentives, or rewards will produce a motivated salesperson
sales force evaluation
quantitative- based on input and output related objectives set forth in the sales plan
behavioral-salespersons attitude, attention to customers, product knowledge, selling and communication skills, appearance, and professional demeanor