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Charles Francis Adams
minister to Great B during Civil War. represented the Union, prevent G.B. from recognizing Conferderacy as independent nation
minister for Union
Clara Barton
founder of the American Red cross. during Civil War, nurse at 1st Battle of Bull Run ->superintendent of nurses for the Union army
Edwin Stanton
Secretary of War under Lincoln. vital role in Civil War thru control of the Union army
Jefferson davis
President of the Confederate states 1861-1865. During Civil War, critized by the South for conduct, failing to gain foreign aid and recognition for the Conferderacy
Abraham Lincoln
pres 1861-1865. greatest president of our nation;s history, led US thru greatest crisis. 1st goal: preservation of the Union, by 1863 only poss thru the destruction of slavery. articulated the moral goals of the war + Am experiment in govt. assassinated by John Wilkes Boothe 5 days after South surrendered. (bitter legacy of Recontruction)
Morrill Tariff 1861
increse tariff rates to help business of poor economic conditions during the war. rates gradually increase b4 and after the war ->revenue to pay for the war
pooor econimic conditions during the war
Trent Affair
2 Confed. diplomats sent to europe to enlist aid from neutral France and England for the Southern cause. taken prisoner by Union capt. and sent to Boston. Brit govt demanded an apology for violatuon of international law, almost joined war on the behalf of the South.
made brits almost join war for the south
Laird Rams
2 iron-clad ships condtructed in Britain for the Confederacy. contained iron rams, large caliber guns, dangerous to Union blockades
not a person
English made warship bought by the Confeds. Union wanted compensation from brit for their sale of warships to Confeds b/c mucho Union ships died