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Limited government
subject to strict limits on its lawful uses of power
suject to the will of people as expressed through their votes
inalienable rights
life, liberty, and property
Articles of Confederation
-Single legislature
-Appointed by state
-Unified 13 colonies
-No exuc branch or court
-Each state with equal vote
Shays' Rebellion
Revolt in western mass. with 2,000 farmers marching on country courthouses to prevent foreclosures on their land + cattle
Virginia Plan
Reps bases on population
New Jersey Plan
All states have the same amount of votes
Connecticut Plan
2 houses of gov't
Great Compromise
Combination of all the plans
For state gov'ts; leader was Jefferson
For national gov't; leaders were Madison and Hamilton
the fundamental low that defines how a gov't will operate
Checks and Balances
"Separated institutions sharing power"
Bill of Rights
includes freedom of speech, religion, and due process protections
Democracy, republic, and representative democracy
ultimate political power rests with the majority through choosing reps in free and open elections
Electoral college
each state would have as many electoral votes as it had members in congress, and could select its members by any method it chose
Primary election
gives rank-and-file voters the opportunity to select party nominees
constitutional democracy
type of gov't in U.S. DEMOCRATIC in its provisions for majority influence through elections and CONSTITUTIONAL in its requirement that power gained throught elections be excercised in accordance with the law and respect for indiviual rights