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types of ads
product advertising-pioneerin, competitive, remidner
institutional ads-build goodwill or an image for an organization rather than promote a specific good or service
6 steps in developing advertising program
1) identify target audience
2)specify the advertising obj
3) set the advertising budget
4)design the advertisement
5)create the message
6)select teh media and schedule the advertising
fear, sex, humor appeals
fear-avoid negative experience through purchase
sex-product will increase attractiveness of user
humor-imply diredctly or subtly that the product is more fun or exciting than the competitors offerings
basic terms of the media buyer
gross rating points
cost per thousand
continuous schedule
when seasonal factors are unimportant, advertising is run at a continuous or steady schedule throughout the year
flighting schedule
periods of advertising are scheduledb between periods of no advertising to reflect seasonal demand
pulse schedule
a flighting schedule is combined with a continuous schedule because of increases in demand, heavy periods of promotion, or introduction of a new product.
pretests vs posttests
pretests- are conducted before the advertisements are placed in any medium
posttests-after it hqas been shown to the target audience to determine whether it accomplished its intended purpose
sales promotion tools
coupons, deals, premiums, contests, sweepstakes, samples, loyalty programs, point of purchase displays, rebates, product placement
publicity tools
are available to the public relations director. news conference, public service announcements.