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Zachary Taylor
Whig pres 1849-1850. ratified the Clayton-Bulwer treaty. opposed secession. liked admitting CA and NM as free states into the Union. died b4 end of term
Will LLyod Garrison
the Liberator
CAlhoun's Final Speech 1850
southen senator wanted slavery to be let alone, runaway slaves returned, balance the number of free and slave states. (thought up separate president for the north and south)
Fugitive Slave Law 1850
denied fugitives a jury trial, prevented them from testifying on their own behalf, and allowed ex-slaves to be returned to the South if their master recognized him. major target for antislavery forces....Underground railroad
Millard Fillmore
pres 1850-1853 after Zach died. supported comp of 1850 and FSL. alienated from north
Personal Liberty LAws
passed in the north, inhibited the extradition of runaway slaves. state officials prohibited from anyone from pursuing a runaway slave. created in reaction to the FSL
created in reaction to the FSL
Underground Railroad
secret Organization founded by Harriet Tubman. help slaves flee to north
Compromise of 1850
series of acts Congress hoped to solve dispute b/t abolitionists in the North and slave-holders in the South over the question of slavery in the territories gained in the Mex war. appease antislavery: slave trade prohibited in D.C. and CA joined as a free state. South: stricter FSL, remainder of land obtainted (Utah and NM) slavery determined by popular sovereignty. helped delay the Civil War for 10 years
helped delay the Civil War for 10 years
Gadsen Purchase
Gadsen, S. Carolina railroad man appointed minister to Mex. told to buy land south of the Arizona territory from Mex b/c it was the best site for a Southern Transcontinental Railroad. US govt bought the land for $10 mil
Franklin Pierce
president 1853-1857. weak. supported comp of 1850, ratified the Gadsen Purchase, passed the Kansas Nebraska act, and the Ostend Manifesto failed
Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854
proposed by Stephn Douglass. used pop sov in Kansas and Nebrasks to decide the slave issure (kansas = slave, Nebraska free. North needed Nebraska to build a northern transcontinental railroad from SF to Chicago. South = slave state and repeal MI comp.
Popular Soveraignty (pop sov)
Senator Lewis Cass. pacify North and South by allowing the ppl of a newly formed state if they were going to legalize slavery or not.
Know-Nothing (Am party) 1849
3rd political party in the mid-1800s. despised immigrants...formed around nativism. grew fastafter Kansas-Nebraska Act...controlled a few state legislatures. only white protestantism could hold the UNion
Ostend Manifesto 1854
policy to acquire Cuba as a slave state. allowed the US to seize Cuba if Spain did not sell it. north = "southern conspiracy"