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Englightened Absolutism
A)The people have natural rights
B)No way to Enforce these rights since they aren't written
C)The Philosophes did not trust the Common People
War of Austrian Succession
A)Charles- Austrian Emperor: his daughter, Maria Theresa, became the next emperor which was a mistake that caused other countries to attacked Austria
B)Maria Theresa - weak leader in her 1st reign as emperor. had weak army. however she became better. created better army and defeated a lot people.
C)Frederick took Silesia due to his best army 3 bullets shots
Seven Years War
A) Austria wants Silesia Back (started the war)
B)Great britain Joins Prussia
C)William Pitt-Prime Minister who started banks in England
D)Battle of Quebec- Quebec fall into English land
1)Wolfe- English general who approach the French Army sectrely at night and climb their fortress and lined up at against the city.
2)Montcalm-French general
C)Robert Clive- an Englishman, formed a militia to fight the France & India; English won the battle by digging a ditch.
European Armies & Warfare
A)Professional armies
B)Foreign Troops
C)Navy- Press Gangs
Growth of European Populations
A)American Crops (corn, beans, peanuts, potatoes)
B)Agriculture revolution
C)Better Transportation (canals)
D)Btter Health (religions, food, laws)
Family, marriage, Birthrate Patterns
A)Choose marriage partner
B)18th Century-Childhood-A pahse of human development started
C)Stop Wet-nursing
D)Toys, games, boos for children
E)Foundling homes replace infanticide
Agriculture Revolution
A)Jethro Tull- invented sea drill on a plow to be used for agriculture planting
B)Enclosed Fields- was passed in england as a law to have fences around the farm.
C)Turnips- new plant that allow crops to grow much faster
D)Watermedows- kepts the grass wet and won't freez.
King George III
English King whose high taxes & economic controls caused Americans to revolt.
Saratoga 1777
important war; American, allied with Spains, beat the British and French.
Constitution 1789
limited the power of govt of the American people and listed rights that cannot be changed.
French Revolution
A)Liberal monarchists overthrow the old Regime & want American style government
1)Third eestate meets at tennis court & call themselves the national assembly
3)oct. 5 mob marched to Versaille's & arrest king.
B)Pope lost control of French Catholic church. All Church land taken.
D)Louis XVI undercut middle class control of the Revolution by Fleeing. was put on trial for treason.
2)Bastille Day July 14
French people wanted to free out the Prisoners in the Bastille. Date of French Independence day.
political clubs that was formed during the French Revolution. most radical people, then became the most violent.
Declaration of Pillnitz
by force of the army of putting the French King on throne
George Danton (Radical Revolution)
minister of justice; formed Paris Commune; massace of some members of national assembly.
leader of Jacobins; started the Reign of Terror (the way to take control) after losing the war during the Radical Revolution.
G)Directory(French Revolution)
group of dictators in French; group of democrcy.
Born on Corsica, Italy; Given Army of Italy; Crwoned self Emperor during 1804; returned power to catholic church
Coup d'etat 1799
"Army takes Over"
Battle of The Nile
Napoleon defeated the British & local Arabs; took over Egypt
a battle between Napoleon against Austria; Napoleon captured the Fortress
battle that resulted Napoleon Capture Vienna by blowing a bridge to cross the river.
battle between Russia; Napoleon attack the flank around the hill
Trafalgar 1805
battle b/w French and British; English won the battle due to Nelson; caused Napoleon couldn't invade the english as a result. many people died on this brutality battle.
Battle between the Prussia that resulted a defeat for Prussia from Napoleon.
battle against Russia; brutal war. Russia burn everything when French invade them; quarter of million people died.
medietereanian battle; Have Louis XVIII as the new King of France
Battle in Belgium b/w Prussia and British; Napoleon last battle; French was defeated
Duke of Wellington
British Leader during the battle of Waterloo
Prussia Commander who help British defeat Napoleon.
Origins of Industrial Revolution in Britain
A)British ships & companies control world trade
B)Freedom for private enterprise
C)Canals gave cheap Transportation
D)Patent Office
E)Lots of Investment Capital
invented the 1st invention of the "Flying Shuttle" that enabled a pedal to weave fabric much faster.
invented "Spinning Jenny" made threads faster to be made
"water Frame" allow thread to be spin faster by propelling from water pressure.
"Mule" made more threads & less cotton.
"Power Loom"
Canals & Coal
1)Two shaft coal mines
2)Canals carried coal to cities.
"Coke" excess from a burning coal after taking the purities out
Iron & steel
1)Wales-best steel & iron
2)Iron Bridge
3)Cooking Pots
Henry Cort
invented the "Wrought Iron"
Thomas Newcomen
invented the 1st steam engine
John Wilkinson
invented the rimming machine. cash steel swords for British army.
James Wtt
made the 1st EFFICIENT steam engine.
St person to put steam engine on wheels; use in railroads
George Stephenson
invented the modern railroad (tracks, etc_
New Industrial Organizations
A)Time & Clock discipline
B)Evangelical Churches (Protestant taught work ethic)
C)Steam Engine moved factories to cities.
D)Guilds lost power over production.
E)Industrial Middle Class
1)Entrepreneurs=collect the mone for selling stock & loans
F)Industrial Working class
1)Unions=was formed; people who mad working conditions better.