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What made the Bank of England unique in 1694?
It was licensed to issue its own bank notes secured by revenue from English taxes.
A combination of Neoplatonic and Hermetic traditions was central to the work of the new scientist,
What was the name given to Indian cotton cloth traded in the West?
Who commanded the successful British forces during the War of the Spanish Succession?
The duke of Marlborough
Who tried to bridge the gap between the new science and the old religion?
Changes in legal practice gave the British East India Company an identity separate from the individuals that held shares leading to
the development of stock markets.
Which of the following was NOT a factor in making the Dutch the first great commercial power?
Maintenance of the largest standing army in Europe
Which of the following statements concerning the new science is most accurate?
The new science was a public movement made possible by the invention of the printing press.
The Englishman who was one of the founders of the science of chemistry was
Robert Boyle.
Which of the following statements concerning the attitude of the Roman Catholic Church to the new science is most accurate?
To officials of Roman Catholicism, the new science appeared to be another heresy.
Which of the following statements concerning the English and Dutch East India Companies is NOT accurate?
The state received all profits from their trade.
What was the purpose of the English Navigation Acts?
To require colonial goods to be shipped to England in English boats
One of the key elements in the triangular trade with the Americas was
Who discovered the secrets of the circulatory system?
William Harvey
Which of the following statements concerning the Aristotelian cosmos is NOT accurate?
The Aristotelian world view was not easily incorporated into Christian views.
The Seven Years' War was fought in all of the following areas EXCEPT which one?
In what century was the Dutch commercial empire surpassed by the French and the English?
Which of the following statements most accurately reflects the attitude of the states of Europe toward the new science?
Both England and France established royal societies of learned scientists to meet together and discuss their discoveries.
What was Johannes Kepler's contribution to the Scientific Revolution?
The elliptical orbits of the planets
Which of the following was NOT characteristic of the Dutch Republic?
It had no navy.
Who was regarded as the greatest English scientist of the age of the New Science?
Isaac Newton
What treaty ended the Seven Years' War?
Peace of Paris
What eventually brought the conflict between England and Holland to a halt?
William of Orange's successful seizure of the British throne in 1688
Who published the first modern set of anatomical drawings?
Andreas Vesalius