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Formal reports of activities, which may be performed internally or externally
Prejudiced results occurring b/c of probllems w/research methodology design.
Consumer jury
A group of 50-100 target customers who are interviewed individually or in small groups to evaluate promotional effectiveness.
Control ads
Sponsored messages that have been evaluated extensively over a period of time and proviide a basis for comparing the effectiveness of test ads.
Event diary
A document chronicling all of the planning, budgeting, and implementation processes of an activity; also called a show diary.
External audit
An evaluation conducted by a cosnultant or client from outside the audited organization.
Eye camera
A piece of equipment that tracks eye movement with infrared light sensors as a subject reads an advertisement.
Internal audit
An evaluation conducted by a firm's human resources personnel, superiors, and peers to determine the performance of an employee and his or her programs.
Media research
An investigation that attempts to determine the size of advertising outlets and their ability to attract the target audience.
Message research
An inquiry that is done to evaluate the effectiveness of the creative message, from copy and ingenuity to the visual impact of the advertisement.
Performance appraisal system
A system for measuring an individual's performance that starts with goal setting.
Physiological profiles
Techniques for measuring involuntary reaction to ads.
Portfolio test
An evaluation method in which participants are exposed to a series of test and control advertisements.
Measurements taken after an advertisement has been placed in the media.
Test administered prior to the implementation of an advertising campaign.