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Background to scientific Revolution
a)late medieval science subject to strict theological framework and reliance or Aristotle and Gralen.
b)new Greek books by Arolimedes and Plato came to west with fall of Constantinople.
c)Roger Bacon "proving ideas by experiments" test bad ideas and good ideas by taking bad ideas.
d)alchemy and astrology made people study carefully.
discovered a formula whereas he can measure orbit of the planet that they are moving in a oval elliptical orbit.
polish monk: who says "sun revolve in center" and "Planet move around the sun"
spend whole life mapping the planets
Hans Lippershey
Dutch who made eye glasses; invented the telescope.
use telescope to study the universe;was house arrested
Wrote Principia on how the physical world is about; discover the force of the sun of why the sun move faster when suns is closer and slows it get away from the sun. measure.
Paracelsus (Hohenheim)
New Technique in Medicine; Diagnosis & Treatment a patient by examining patient.
Andreas Vesalius
examine death bodies; collect and study death bodies and make theories on it.
William Hervey
discover that the heart pumps blood into your whole body system.
Margaret Cavendish
wrote books experimenting massages
Maria Merian
wrote books anamolic 'about insects'
Mechanical Universe
Governed by Physical Laws - developed this philosophy by Newton and Descartes
Sweden scientist; classified plants and animals in its shape and functions.
Rene Descartes
duality of mind & body; study the mind and body as separate
Francis Bacon
inductive principles; developed the Scientific Method.
says there is no actual God that God is a national law.
says when studying nature, combine religion & science(natural law) and experiments