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what are some interesting facts about the cotton kingdom
1) both the N&S were based on slavery
2) The south exported more than half of the worlds supply of cotton
3) 75% of Britain's cotton(Br. leading industrial power at the time) came from the South.
Whay was Sir Walter Scott blamed in aumenting tensions between the North and South
He was the favorite author of the southerners and he idealized a feudalistic society in his book
what were two minor black rebellions that failed becuz of they were widely advertised (and someone snitched)
1) Gabriel in Richmond organized a rebellion but was betrayed by informers 1800.
2)Denmark Vesey in 1832 who was betrayed by informers
Who was Nat Turner
he was a blakc preacher who led an uprising that slaughtered whites, mostly women and children.
what aumented the strength of the abolitionist movement
The Great Awakening
Who was the author of Slavery As It Is
thomas weld
Garrison wrote the Liberator and helped to establish what society in society in the 19th century
William Garrison and Wendell Phillips (didnt have sugar made from sugar cane, use cotton cloth)both helped to establish the Anti-Slavery Society
Who wrote Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World
David walker
who was one of the few black leaders to support recolonization
Martin Delaney
what removed all antislavery appeals
The gag resolution removed all anti slavery appeal after the rebellions
who negotiated the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and what did it do
nicholas trist negotiated the treaty in 1848
what bill didnt pass but said that slavery would never exist in any of the mexican cession territories
Wilmot Proviso
who is the father of popular sovereignty
Lewis Cass
how did the discovery of gold in california aument the slave problem
The gold rush led Taylor to urge calirfornia to draft a constitution in 1849 that excluded slavery
what were the border states?
deleware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri
Lincoln said, "I hope to have God on my side, but i have to have Kentucky." What did he mean by this?
He meant that the border states were an advantage.
1) they could have doubled the manufacturing capability of the South
which senator had two sons on opposite sides of the war
Senator Crittenden
what were the southern advantages?
1) they were fighting defensively
2)they didnt have to win the war to win their independence
3)they fought for self-determination/preservation of their life
4)excellent genreals
5)boys bred to fight/bear arms
what disadvantages did the South have
1) they had lousy factories
2)lacked supplies
what benefits did the north have
1)they had manpower
what minuses did the north have
1) they werent as prepared for military life
2)lacked skilled leaders
whats the trent affair
in 1861 a union warship pulls off Southern diplomats from a british ships which caused tensions that eventually died down
what did charles francis adams say that benefitted both the British and the americans
he said that were risky since it could be a risky precedent
whats another word for laird rams
iron rams
What was the Dominion of Canada
it was designed to bolster the Canadians politcally and spiritually against the US during the civil war to keep it safe
what violation of the monroe doctrine took place in 1863
Napoleon III in 1863 sent Maximillian to occupy New Mexicoso after the war in 1857 Max was left to die by N.
when was the first national conscription passed
in 1863
what did bull run show
that the Civil war was going to last longer than anyone thought
who was first put in charge of the Army of the Potomac (Union Force)?
George McClellan