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liberal, religious movement of the 1830s. the truth "transcends" from the senses. every man has an inner light that can touch god
Ralph Waldo Emerson
19th cenutry writer.
"to be great is to misunderstood" poems and philosophical essays
Henry David Thoreau
transcendentalist and nonconformisst. "best govt is the one that rules least" naturalist
Maragret Fuller
started women's rights in the 19th century. "women in the 19th century"- forshadowed the women;s rights movement. 1st female reporter
James Fenimore Cooper
books on the Frontier "the Deerslayer", "last of the Mohicans"
Herman Melville
unconventional. South Pacific. Moby Dick. 1st symbolic writer
Nathaniel Hawthorne
the scarlet letter
Edgar Allen poe
the Raven
Washington Irving.
1st Am for international recognition. sleepy hollow
John G. Whittier
Quaker writer. aabolitionist..poem=slavery evil
Walt Whitman
poet. leaves of grass. free verse.
Alexis de Tocqueville
1835 French historian came to Am to observe democracy. wrote "Democracy in Am". accurate account of stengths and weaknesses of Am democracy. popular
Charles G. Finney
avid religious reformer who helped start the 2nd Great Awakening
the Second Great Awakening
religious revival in the 1820s and 1830s. emphasized personal improvement, avoidance of sin, and hard work. stimulate reform movements of 1800s: temperance, abolition, moral reform, and public education
Brook Farm
perfect union b/t intellectual and manual labor. failed b/c lack of desire to work
New Harmony
society focused on Utopian Socialism. started by Robert Owens
r. owens
Perfectionist Utopian Movement. commune, shared everything, even marriage
religious sect. founded by Joseph Smith in 1830. beliefs = unpopular in early years.Bringham Young led the Mormons to Great Salt Lake City in 1847 ->propsered
Dorthea Dix
reform in prisons and creation of insane asylums. (insane ppl put in boxes/mistreated)
Horace Mann
reform in educational sys during 19th century. lengthened the school year, public education, standardized books in classrooms
McGuffey's Reader
book about moral teachings. used by 80% of Am to learn how to read
US Temperance Union 1833
group promoted a limitation of liquor consumption
german and Irish immigration flood into Am during 1850s ->resentment/nativism. feared that foreign immigrants would reproduce more quickly, outvote, overwhelm the "true" white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASp) Am
Lucretia Mott
Quaker and participant at Seneca Falla Conference. supported women's rights and antislavery movements
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
women's rights activist, attended Seneca falls. advocated suffrage for women
Seneca FAll Convention 1848
1st women's rights movement meeting. held in NY. b/c some prominent women could not participate in an antislavery convention. prompted them to fight for women;s rights.
Cult of True Womanhood
domesticity, piety, purity, and submissiveness as the attribute to a true woman. "cult of domesticiyt" influenced how women viewd themselves in 19th century