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What are some proper ways to address a loss such as mastectomy or amputation of a leg
Encourage grieving individuals to tell you what the person (or object) was like, and what the loss means to them
validate: Loss was important & that you understand
Eg of loss
-losing money
-one's health
A widower (male) comes to your home giving you a personal belonging of his dead wives. (book of flowers)
What is an appropriate verbal response?
lead them to Reminisce: life had meaning
Yes I am going to miss her.
I appreciate you giving me this book
Reflect back
What is the whole goal of hospice

AKA palliative care
philosophy of care for the dying and their families
philosophy means acceptance of death as a natural part of life & an emphasis on the quality of remaining life
respite care
need more information
relief /temporary break from your daily caregiving responsibilities
What is the 1st emotion you feel when you find out you are going to die
A terminal ill pt Says, "I wish I could breath like I did 20 yrs ago
A correct verbal response for a nurse is what?
Restate it
I wish you could breath like you did 20 yrs ago
Give hope
hope is an inner positive life force, a feeling that what is desired is possible
"Went to his reward" means

p 183
means died
they avoid death by not mentioning it
such as "passed away"
A terminal ill bone cancer pt has been recommended radiation by physician. What does a hospice ns say to pt to see if pt understands about radiation?
Do you know what radiation does?
It does not cure them but stops the remission of the disease
Note Palliative radiation
relieves symptoms of pain gives hope prolonged life
If a pt has just been admitted and hands you his advance directive and it has DNR on it. What are you going to do as a nurse?
you need a physician written order for a DNR
need to call STAT
DNR generally means
Do-Not-Resuscitate &
No chemicals
The types of treatments that a patient with a DNR order WOULD NOT receive include
cardiopulmonary resuscitation (chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing, or CPR),
electric shocks to the heart, assisted breathing with mechanical devices, or the use of medications
which are intended to artificially start the heart again. A person will not be placed on life
support, such as a ventilator or a breathing machine.
A terminal ill pt has a DNR in the hospital, then you are transferred to Hospice care. Does hospice keep the DNR order
What kind of resp do we look for @ the end of life?
cheyenne-stokes resp
If a terminal pt is asked what the Dr has informed them about their terminal illness or disease and the pt replies, " No the dr didn't tell me anything about it. what stage of grief is it?
Patient has neurological damage and wants you to help him. What are you going to do?
Code of Nursing does NOT allow/prohibits you to assist in euthanasia
What do you say to someone who has a terminal illness that says they can't or don't want to get out of bed?
It is OK
NOTE the dying pt is not going to get better; he is gets weaker & weaker, not because he is lying in bed , but because he is dying
When someone is getting ready to die what are you doing to do?
Reminisce, if they want to see a pasture let them
Postmortem def
who can assist?
care of pt after death
the family depends on their beliefs
Read p 189
pain in dying
-give reg meds & prn backups for pain
-no concern for addiction or safety (pain)
What items help the skin integrity?
sheep skin or foam
air pressure mattress
IVs, catheters, nasogastric & tube feedings in postmortem?????
removed unless a autopsy is going to be done (pt in hosp less than 24 hrs)

-Results in less stress & pain

-does not improve comfort
-increase fluids, exercise, and fiber