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Age of Crisis
A)Western Europe took over Sea Trade with Asia, left Italy poor.
B)30 yrs. War made people lose faith in religion.
Response to the crisis
A)People support all powerful Kings
B)Govt. control of Economy so people can have jobs
Kings has absolute kings. Beliefs in Divine Right "God's Right"
Bishop Bossuet
wrote books about how bible supports Kings.
Louis XIV
French King who ruled for 70 years. An example of absolute mornarch who control everything. Spend money on himself and raise taxes.
built by Louis XIV. Town supported by the King and copy Louis XIV clothing. Louis XIV brought all the Nobles in Versailles to stop rebellions against him and create a new council.
Royal Council
made by Louis XIV. middle class people who ran the govt b/c rich people wree lazy and they made better govt.
Edict of Fontainebleau.
a mistake that revokes the Edict of Nantes. Cause a lot of English leave town.
a bishop at a Catholic Church on which Louis XIV put in charge of the Economy and set up his own rules.
invented by Colbert. old fashioned system that believes that country exports more than imports giving less supply for higher prices. exchange in gold and silver.
Wars of Louis XIV
A)Professional Army
B)New way of fighting (guns)
C)Balance of Power
D)War of Spanish Succession

1)Peace of Utrecht: King of France Cannot be king of Spain or vice Versa.
"High Taxes"
Frederick WIlliam
Elector of Branderbug; got to elect the Roman Emperor in Germany
Fredrick I
King of Prussia; powerful elector and king;
Frederick II
'The Great'; creates an army who killed everybody; use bayonet that fired 3 bullets instead of 1.
Battle between the Christian & Muslim whom the Christian Drove out of Muslim of Hungary.
English Civil War (1645-1649)
First successful war for the common people against the monarchs.
A)Puritans rise to power: baed their religion on the Bible; got to elect the Parliament
B)Long Parliament: taxes took a long parliament to be adjourned
C)Oliver Crowell: leader of Puritans; has small army; western people fighting for the freedom
D)Naseby: Battle where Oliver defeated Charles I
E)Trial & Execution of Charles I: resulted a new republic better system
A)Charles II: son of CHarles I, became new king; Bad things came back into the society.
B)Birth of Royal Society: was paid by the King/Govt
C)Royal Observatory: started in Greenich
D)1665 Plague Year: came from fleas on rats
E)Great Fire 1666: in london
Christopher Wren
rebuilt the city in London, the St. Paul Cathedral after the Great fire.
James I
Catholic who dealt with Treaty of Dover which was a secret treaty. King of France invading King of England
William & Mary 1688
army supports them. took over Enland and becme the next monarch.
Thomas Hobbes
wrote 'Leviathan' powerful King for the good of the people; supported Philosophy of Revolution; book supported absolute monarch.
John Locke
wrote 'Two treatsies on Government' about people are in a contract with the Govt. and if Govt. break the rule, people have the right to rebel.