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Period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production that began in the mid 1700's.
Industrial Revolution
Another word for manufactured cloth?
Tools used to produce goods or to do work?
Process developed by Eli Whitney in the 1790's that called for making each vital part of a machine exactly the same.
interchangeable parts
Efficient production of large numbers of identical goods.
mass production
Worker's organizations that try to inprove working conditions?
trade unions
Refusal of workers to perfom their job until employers meet union demands.
Rapid growth in the speed and convenience of transportation; in the US it began in the early 1800's?
Transportation Revolution
Name of the first full-sized US Commerical steamboat; invented by Robert Fulton
Sleek, fast, tall-masted sailing ship invented in 1840?
clipper ship
Machine invented by Samuel Morse in 1837 that used a system of dots and dashes to send messages long distances electronically through a wire.
System developed that represented each letter of the alphabet by a certain combination of dots and dashes.
Morse code
Inventor of the mechanical reaper made to cut down wheat on farms.
Cyrus McCormick
Developed the sewing machine invented by one of his factory workers.
Isacc Singer
Inventor of the Steam powered boat?
Robert Fulton
English inventor of the spinning jenny which was a hand powered spinning wheel.
James Hargreaves
Inventor of the water frame, a large spinning wheel powered by a water wheel.
Richard Arkwright
British mechanic who came to the US and started his own texitle mill using the water frame invention?
Samuel Slater
New England businessman who used the water mill system to make cloth?
Francis Cabot Lowell
Founder of the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association who worked hard to publicize the struggles of the factory workers.
Sarah Bagley
Manufacturer of one of the first steam trains called Tom Thumb, that raced against a horse?
Peter Cooper
Inventor of the steel plow?
John Deere