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Election of 1824
6 Dem-Repub ran. 2 drop out, one had a stroke. 3 remaining = no majority -> House. John Q. Adams wins "corrupt bargain" w/ Clay. Clay-> Secretary of state. Dem-Repub = Dem/Jackson and national repub/Adams
The Am sys
scheme in 1824, raise protective tariff allowing eastern manufaturing to flourish. revenues raised provide funds for roads and canals used to link the nation. Clay intro plan to make Am self-sufficient
Tariff of Abominations 1828
fed govt reduce the protective Tariff of 1816. but S. Carolina wants tariff lowered to pre-1816 rates. confrotation b/t fed govt/s.c. ->almost Civil war
S. Carolina Expostition and the Protest 1828
state could order a law void if it though Congress was overstepping its authority. written by Calhoun, adopted by legislature of S. C.
Age of the Common mAn
movement from 1828-1840. started by JAckson. universal manhood suffrage, public education in west, cheap newspapers, majority rule, abolition of debtor prisons. good for most white middleclass males
Andrew Jackson
pres 1829-1837. leader of Dem party. 1st man west of Appalachians to be elected pres. "common man's" pres. grw up poor, sympathetic to non-elite. fed govt over states. reforms = Jacksonian Democracy.
John C. Calhoun
called Tariff of Abominations unconst, justify state's claimed power of nullification.
Denmark Vesey
freee black insurrectionist. planned uprising, discovered. fear among whites. harsher laws affecting blacks.
oringally by Jefferson: 1816-disintergration of Fed party. divded in several small groups. short-lived NAtional Repub, Whig, and dem PArty
National REpubllicans 1824
John Q. Adams led Repubs. state's rights advocate
Dem 1824
led by JAckson. farmers and small planters od the south, eastern workers, and western farmers.
Tariff of Abominations
1828- fed statute placing high tariffs on imports. highest tariff so far. . called by southern leaders, spoke of secession
Comp Tariff of 1833
written by Clay. effort to pacify the southern plantation owners and keep New England manufaturers happy. reduced tariff of 1824. end SC secession incident
Foote Resolution 1829
called on Congress to stop land sales completely. proposed by eastern factory owners who feared lieral land policy would drain workers to the west.
Webster-Hayne Debate 1829-1830
states rights vs. Federalism. Foote Resolution..nullification
Indian removal Act 1830
passed by Jackson, removeed Indians east of Mississippi to Iowa or Oklahoma.
trail of Tears
mass relocation of Cherokee Indians of Georgia to the Great Plains. 6,000 Cherokees died on the way
Black Hawk War 1832
saukfox Indians lived in Wisconsin led by Black Hawk. battleground dug up. war w. US. 230 Indians killed.
Mysville Road
link kentucky and Viginia. veoed cuss Clay''s idea
Nicholas Biddle
pres of US Bank, petitioned for its re-chrater unsuccessfully
Pet Banks
state banks that recieved funds from fed govt. limit the power and efficicey of 2nd National Bank
Peggy Eaton Affair
snubbings of Calhoun's wife forced him to resign
Force Act of 1832
after SC nullified Tariff of 1832. enabled pres to use army to enforce fed laws in SC
Election of 1832
1st election of 3 political parties. common man-Jackson, rich-Clay. Jackson wins-Dem pollicies.
Anti-Masonic Party 1832
3rd political party of election,. hatetd secrecy of the Masons.
Whigs 1832
1836, national Repubs = Whigs. suggest affinity w/ revolutionary radicals. industrialists, merchants from northeast, wealthy farmers from west and southern planters.
Martin Van Buren
Dem pres from NY. 1st pres to regulate working conditions and create and ind treasury
Distribution Act 1836
allotted all fed revenues in excess of $5 mil to the states-according to pop.
Specie Circular 1836
attempt to prevent Panic of 1837. forced ppl to use gold and silver to buy western lands. too late for economy.
gag Resolution 1836
Calhoun. rejected by Senate cool in House. forbid the reading of antislavery petitions in Congress.
Panic of 1837
beginning of Van Buren. caused by English Banksreckless in loaning money. inflation. Buren tries to alleviate depression w/ Independent Treasury Plan
Independent treasury Plan 1840
"Divorce Bill" by Buren. divorced govt from banking. repealed Distribution act and allowed US govt to keep its revenues in sub-treasuries rather than in banks.