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Washington D.C. 1814
English forces takeover Washington. burned govt buildings and president mansion. little impact b/c info travles slowly
Francis Scott Key
"The Star Spangled Banner"
Hartford Convention 1814
9 fed reps from the NEw England states voice opposition to the war with England. Feds oppose to limit the power of Congrss to make war, admit new states, and impose embargos. limit president;s term, restrict state's rights, end 3/5 clause
Treaty of Ghent 1815
treaty b/t US and England. end War of 1812. mutual restoration of all conquests, no mention of maritime lows or issues for which the US went to war.
War of 1812
Battle of New ORleans 1815
Andrew Jackson's men kills a bunch of English troops w/out losing much of their own. fought after the war was over. JAckson = hero
National Cumberland Road
1811-1818. 1st national road, 1st road to lead west. MA to W. VA..and then Illinois
2nd US Bank
formed by James Monroe. mismanaged. issue of election of 1832.
Bonus Bill of 1816
would have $1.5 million for internal improvements when US chatered the 2nd US bank
2nd US bank
Tariff of 1816
response to the British flood of "cheap-priced" goods into the US market. New England pressured govt to place a protective tariff that would shelter its infant industries. in retaliation, England raises her tariffs on Southern Exports
Daniel Webster
opposed high dutied of Tariff of 1816. strong national govt. "defender of Const."
Adam-Onis treaty 1819
Florida Purchase Treaty. Adams convinced Spain to sell East Florida to the US for $5 mil.
Panic of 1819
1st depression of the US. began when 2nd US bank tried to stop inflation by collecting currency from state banks/. state banks did not have enough gold to back currency, called in their loans. debtors cause the banks to close.
Henry Clay
Speaker of the House: 1811-25 (except for 1821-22). greatest senators of US. supported protective tariff (roads and canals to link US together). Maysville road b/t VA and KY. "Great Compromiser". helped w/ MI Comp, Comp Tariff in 1833 and Comp of 1850.
Era of Good feelings
era full of tranquility and prosperity. began after War of 1812 until Panic of 1819. sound economy and politically untied behind the Dem-Repub party. Ironic b/c there were sectional probelemos.
Tallmadge Ammendment 1819
MI's request for admission as a slave state. would upset the equal balance of slave and free states. permitted MI to enter, but forbid further importation of slaves. defeated in the Senate where the South was in control.
Missouri Compromise 1820
allowed MI to come into the Union in 1820 as a slave state if Maine came in as a free state. created the 36'30' line that divided future northern free states from southern slave states
James Monroe
President 1817-1825. feds dissolved, everyone dem-repub -> "Era of good feelings". country prospered b/c growth on indutry and settlement in the West. Panic of 1819, Monroe Doctrine, purchase of Florida, MI Comp
John Quincy Adams
President 1824-1828. controversy. monroe Doctrine, NAtional Repubs. national construction of highways, canals and public buildings.
Monroe Donctrine 1823
written by Adams. Euros could not intervene in Western Hemisphere. in exchange, US would not interfere in existing Euro colonies and wars. If Europe intervened, interpret as threat to national security, take appropriate action
Russo-American Treaty 1824
Russia dropped claim to Oregon b/c Am supplied Russia's Alaskin territories w/ supplies.
James Fenimore Cooper
novelist and social critic. "The Leather Stocking Tales" and "Last of the Mohicans". 1st to portray Am scenes and charaters.
Washington Irving
satirical essays. "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
Fletcher V. Peck 1810
Supreme Court case. 1st time Court declared a state law unconst. 1st step of Const and fed laws over state govts and state laws.
govt better
McCullock V. Maryland 1819
Court ruling that when fed and state powers conflict, fed powers prevail.
govt all mighty
Dartmouth College v. Woodward 1819
Court decesions, John Marshall rules that the charters of busiiness corps are coontracts guaranteed under US const. a state may not interfere w/ obligations of a contract
Gibbons v. Ogden 1824
court decesion interpret interstate power of Congress. Marshall: state national law superior to state law when the 2 conflict
laws of govt vs. state