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basic screening survey BSS
a model for oral health surveilence developed by the ASTDD
adjustment of an instrument/examiner or its measurements so the distribution of measurements matches a standard
community periodontal index CPI
a measure of periodontal health, developed and supported by WHO
deans flourosis index
measures the prevalance and severity of dental flourosis
df index
a measure of dental carries in the primary dentition that includes decayed and filled primary teeth of tooth surface
dmf index
a measure of dental carries in the deciduous dentition that includes decayed, missing, filled disid. teeth or tooth surface
DMF index
measure of casies in the perm dentition that includes decayed, misssing, filled tooth/surface
gingival index GI
a measure of the prevalence and severity of gingival bleeding
intErexaminer reliability
the level to which different examiners agree
intrAexaminer reliability
the level to wich an examiner agrees with him/herself at two different points in time
plaque index P1l
measures the precence and amount of dental plaque
ramfjord index teeth
6 index teeth used when eval. peio health UR1M, ULCI, UL1P, LL1M, LRCI, LRP
a particular technique applied repeatedly yeailds the same result
root carries index RCI
measures root carries; # of exposed root surfaces is the denominator
simplified oral hygine index OHI-S
measures the precence of plaque and calculus; considered an obsolete index
the ongoing systematic collection/analysis/omterpretation of outcome specific data for use in planning/implementing/evaluating public health survices
tooth surface index of flourosis TSIF
a measure of prevalance and severity of dental flourosis
an instrument does what it is inteded to do