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Juduciary Act 1801
law passed by Federalist-controlled Congress- created 16 new federal judgeships. adams filled posts w/ federalists. before inaugaration of Jefferson. "midnight judges". Congress repealed it in 1802, restore Judicairy Act of 1789
Revolution of 1800
election of Tom Jefferson. change politcal parties from "Fed Reign of Terror" to "dem-Repub". transfer of power w/out war.
Compact Theory States' Rights
fed govt acted as the states' agent. states can declare fed laws unconst, fed laws may become null and void.
Spoils Sys
Jefferson fired some Feds from govt and hired Dem-Repubs
Chief Justice John MArshall
33 years. made judicairy free from political attack. stron central govt. gave court power to overrule states wwhen conflicts arise. judicial review- if Congress' laws are const. (marbury vs. Madison 1803)
Louisiana Purchase 1803
from Napoleon $15 mil. doubled size of US. secure New ORleans, provide land for future settlements westward. more avialable land for common ppl.
Lewis and Clark 1804-1806
investigate resources the US acquired w/ Louisiana Purchase. mapped region, promoted fur trading
Burr Conspiracy 1805-1806
Aaron Burr proposed to separte western states from the Union and form a new republic under English protection. England refused to listen. Hamilton expose Vp Burr's plot. Burr killed Hamilton
Embargo Act 1807
law passes by Congress. prevented exports from Am ports. response to Chesapeake Leonard Incident-Brit attacked Am vessel. backfire, Am profits of merchants plummet. repealed by Congress in 1809. replaced w. Non-Intercourse Act
Non-Intercourse Act 1809
induce Britain to change their policy toward neutral shipping and ipressment. allowed US to trade w. any country except Brit and France. expired 1810. replaced by Macon's Bill #2
Order-In-Council 1807
issued in England, response to berlin Decree. forbade neutral trade w/ French, placed blockade on other ports in France
Milan Decree 1807
issued by France. any ship that visted England, bound for English port, had been searched by English, could be confiscated by French
Chesapeake- Leopard Affair 1807
4 men taken from Am Chesapeake.
Macon's Bill #2 1810
lifted all restrictions on trade and promised France and England that if either natioon would lift thir trade restrictions, the Us would trade only w/ that nation.
War HAwks
led by Henry Clay. westerners who demanded immediate war w/ England
Tecumseh and the Prophet
Shawnee Indian Chief, bro Prophet. formed Northwest Indians- attmept to end land sales to US govt q/out consent of all tribes. Indians defeated by Am at the Battle of Tippecanoe 1811
Battle of Tippecanoe 1811
Indians and Us. indecisive. fighting along the frontier w. Indians
James MAdison
pres 1809-1817. "Father of Const" tainted by War of 1812, -> Era of Good feelings.
brit war tactic to recover deserters from her ships. Brit Navy would search on AM ships and take all sailors who could not prove that they were Am. ->resentment->War of 1812
Berlin Decree 1806, Continental Sys
issued by France. forbade English ships from entering French ports and placed England under a blockade. napolean's atempt to economically strangle England. stop trade and close Euro ports to English. (berlin and Milan)