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What were the American Infantry men called?
They were nicked named "doughboys" b/c of the white belts they wore.
What was the convoy system?
In which merchant vessels would travel in a large group w/ a guard of circling destroyers and cruisers.
What were Wilson's 14 points?
1.No secret treaties, 2.Freedom of the seas, 3.remove any barrier for free trade, 4.reduce armanments, 5.Colonial policies should consider interest of colonial & imperialist people, 6.-13.Boundries to be drawn in relation to nationization, 14.Leage of Nations
What's it called when all Salvic people share a common nationality?
List at least 5 new weapons used in WWI.
cannon, zepplin, machine gun, tank & airplane
What was the Selective Service Act?
A law that required men to register for military service. It was passed on May 1917.
What were the 6 provisions of the Treaty of Versailles?
Est. 9 new nations, Germany was demilitarized, Germany returned Alsace-Lorraine to France, Germany had to pay war reparations to Allies, war guilt clause, Leage of Nations (planted the sead for WWII).
When will Italy join the allies?
He was one of America's greatest war heros in the Meuse-Argonne area. He was also known as a conscientious objector.
Alvin York
What was conscription?
It was adraft that required men to register w/ the gov't so that some of them can be selected for compulsory service.
Who was the head of the CPI (Committee on Public Information). He was a former muckraking journalist.
George Creel
Who were the Central Powers? 1915.
Germany, Austria-Hungry, & the Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
Who commanded the American Expeditionary Force?
John J. Pershing
Who was Eddie Rickenbacker?
He grew up to be a race car driver and he set a world speed record before the war-134 mph. He shot down enough enemy planes that he earned the title-"American ace of aces."
What were war damages called?
France lost these provinces to prussia (Germany) during the France-Prussian war. 1871.
Alsace & Lorraine
Who was Bernard M. Baruch?
The War Industries Board was reorganized in 1918 under the leadership of him.
When did the U.S. declare war?
April 6, 1917
What were the 3 major weaknesses of the traty of versailles?
The treaty humiliated Germany, The gov't in Russia felt that the big 4 ignored its needs, & decisions about colonial territories.
Who was the triple entente also known as the Allies.1914.
France, Great Britain, & Russia
What happened on the 11th hour on the 11th day in the 11th month? 1918.
The German war machine and the war economy were too exhausted to continue. Foch stopped the fighting after Germany agreed to end the war.
Who assassined Franz Ferdinand?
Gavrilo Princip
Of December 1918 at the Palace of Versailles, who were the big 4?
1.Woodrow Wilson-U.S.
2.George Clemenceu-France
3.David Lliod George-Great Britain
4.Vittorio Orlando-Italy
What were the 4 long term causes of world war I?
1. nationalism, 2. imperialism, 3. militarism, & 4. Alliance System
What was the War Industries Board?
The main regulatory body that was established in 1917 and reorganized in 1918. The board encouraged companies to use mass-production techniques to increase efficiency and urge them to eliminate waste by standardizing products.
What secret society was Gavrilo Princip a member of?
the Black Hand
What was the Espionage & Sedition Acts?
A person could be fined up to $10,000 and sentenced to 20 years in jail for interferring w/ the draft, obstructing the sale of gov't bonds, or saying anything disloyal, profane, or abusive about the gov't or the war effort.
When did Woodrow Wilson ask Congress for a Declaration of War? (month, day & year)
April 2, 1917
What was the Committee on Public Information?
To directly popularize the war, the gov't set up the nations first propaganda agency.
When did Austria declare war on Serbia? (date)
June 28, 1914
Did the U.S. ever ratify the traty of versailles? Did they ever join the Leage of Nations?
NO; they signed it but never ratified it. No they never joined.
When was the Russian czar overthrown? (month & year) Who was the Russian czar?
March 1917 ; Nicholas
When did the big 4 meet at the palace of versailes and signed the treaty of versailles?
June 28, 1919
When did Germany declare war on France? (date)
August 3, 1914
What was the largescale movement of hundreds of thousands of Southern blacks to cities in the North.
the Great Migration
(explain) What was the Zimmerman Note?
A telegram sent by the German foreign minister to the German ambassador in Mexico. It suggested an alliance b/t Mexico & Germany; and promised that if war w/ the U.S. broke out Germany would support Mexico.
Who were 2 rivals for influence over Serbia?
Russia & Austria-Hungry
On March 1916 Germany torpedoed an unarmed French passenger steam boat. What was the name of the steam boat?
the Sussex
What was the largest Slavic country?
The election of 1916, who was the Democratic candidate & who was the Republican candidate?
Demo-Woodrow Wilson & Repub-Charles Evan Hughes
What city did the Black Hand take place in?
Sarajevo, Bosnia
When did a German U-boat sank a British liner? What was the name of the British liner?
May 7, 1915 ; Lusitania
Who was Franz Joseph?
He was the emperor of Austria.
The election of 1916, who won it?
Woodrow Wilson
What assassination lead to war? Name & date?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife Sophie; June 28, 1914
Two months later when did another U-boat sank another British liner? (month & year)
What was the name of the British liner?
July 1915 ; Arabic
When did Germany declare war on Russia? (date)
August 1, 1914
What were some of the oppositions to the war: what did the socialists think? What did the pacifist think?
Socialist criticized the war, & Pacifists (such as William Jennings Bryan) thought the war was evil and that the U.S. needs to be setting an example of peace.
Where was Serbia located? Was it an independant nation at the time?
the Balkans; yes
What war was the 1st mechanized war?
World War I
When did Germany invade Belgium? (date)
August 4, 1914
In trench warfare, what did the Germans call the land that they didn't want to be in?
"No man's land"
What was the Schlieffen Plan?
Alfred von Schlieffen had planned this in 1905. This called for a holding action against Russia, combined with a quick drive through the Belgium lowlands to Paris. Then, after France had fallen, the 2 German armies would join to defeat the Russian czar.
What were U-boats?
German submarines.
(explain) What was the British Blockade & what was the result to it?
Great Britain set this up along the German coast to prevent weapons and other military goods from gettin through. The result was that 750,000 Germans starved to death.
What was the slogon that Wilson won off of?
"He Kept Us Out of War."