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What is often referred to as the people's branch?
Who was the first women in Congress?
Janet Rankin
What was the first state that allowed women to vote?
Who was the first black in Congress?
Joseph Rainey
Who was the first black senator?
Senator Reveals
We are currently in what session of Congress?
What ammendment tells us about the congressional term?
20th ammendment
How long is each congressional session?
2 years
What is the time restraint on ratifying an ammendment?
7 years
We have had more presidents from which branch of Congress?
What is a filibuster?
A tactic used in the senate to block a bill
Which branch of congress has unlimited debate?
What is a cloture?
a vote to end a filibuster
What are 7 important functions of Congress?
1) Representation
2) Law making
3) Concenus building
4) Over seeing the bureaucracy
5) Policy Clarification
6) Confirming president appointees and ratifying
7) Investigating operations of govt agencies and other problems
Which branch gets a say on Vice President?
What ammendment requires a vice president?
What are some criticisms of Congress?
-Lacks collective responsibility
-Delegats too much to the executive branch
-Too responsive to organized interests
Which branch of congress must do annual financial disclosures?
House and Senate
What runs our system?
Who was the first woman leader in Congress? And what leadership title did she hold?
Pelosi, House Minority leader
Who are Oklahomas 2 senators?
Inhofe, Colburn
How is the senate represented?
through equal representation among the states
What created our bicameral legislature?
The Great Compromise
There are how many members in the house?
In 1789, there was 1 representative for every _____ people?
How many members were there in the first session of the house?
How many electoral college votes were there in 1789?
91, 65 House + 26 Senate
CA has the largest congressional delegation, what is it?
55, 53 house 2 Senate
Since 1912, Congressional districts contain approximately how many people?
435 members of house became the fixed number in what year?
How long is a house term?
2 years
What percentage of senate members stay in place, creating stability?
Where in the constitution can you find about the census?
Art. 1, Sec 2, Clause 3
How often is the census conducted?
every 10 years
What 2 things does the census do for us?
1) it appropriates the # of seats in the house
2) it allocates federal dollars
When does the new congressional term start?
January 3
What is reapportionment?
lose or gain representation based on the census(nat'l level)
What is redistricting?
lose or gain representation on a local level
What is the minimum age you can be to be a senator?
What is the minimum years you have to be a citizen to be a senator?
9 years
What ia a requirement, to be elected a senator?
must be an inhabitant of the state he/she represents (resident)
What is prohibited to being elected a senator?
tou can hold any other office
Term of a senator is?
6 years
Approximately how much of the senate is elected every 2 years?
What is the minimum age requirement to be a house member?
Minimum number of years a house member must be a citizen?
7 years
Requirements of potential house members?
Must be a resident of the state; not the district, although it is politically practiced that you must be a resident in the district
What is prohibited of future house members?
must hold no other office
What is the term house members serve?
2 years
The 110th session of congress starts?
Jan 3 2007
House/Senate members make approximately how much money?
What is an incumbent?
the person who currently holds the office
What is a challenger?
the person who is running against the incumbent
5 advantages of incumbency?
1) Name recognition
2) Staff
3) Travel Allowance
4) Money
5) Work hard for us/experience
What is a franking privilege?
incumbents are allowed to self promote themselves without using their own money
Name a house representative from Oklahoma?
Representative Lucas, of the 3rd congressional district
Staff members of incumbents do?
what is casework?
individual work done for constitutents
the average sucessful house seat costs?
750, 000
average sucessful senate seat costs?
4 million
what is the percentage of relected incumbents in the house?
Senators represent?
the whole state
House members represent?
a portion of the state
What is the significant difference between house and senate?
how decisions are made
Decisions are made where in the senate?
on the floor
the vice president serves as what in the senate?
the president of the senate
Decisions are made how in the house?
through committees