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**The 1840s and 1850s in the United States were characterized by what?
-Technology was high
-They had little medical knowledge
**Which of the following statements best captures the attitude of antebellum Americans about technology?
Technology was, democratic, progressive and from God
Which antebellum innovations helped to transform American life? (6)
-Steam engine
-Cotton gin
-Interchangeable parts in manufacturing
-Sewing Machine
Which were the advantages of the “American system” of manufacturing? (3)
-Install new parts in damaged machines
-Speed of prodcution increased
Before the Civil War, European and American railroads differed in that __________.
American railroads were three times faster and had no class compartments
Which of the following statements accurately describes railroads in the United States in 1860?
-More tracks than all the world
-Expanded East and Mid-west
-Flat-roofed coaches
American railroads contributed to all of the following events. (2)
-Chicago's growth and other major cities
-Established growth of Mid-west
Which of the following is usually considered the first “big business” in the United States?
How was the building of the railroads in the United States financed?
Capital market in New York City
What impact did technological changes have on the American worker before the Civil War? (4)
-Raise in pay
-Year-long work
-Children and women make $
-Urban worker better off than rural worker
Which of the following is an accurate statement about the standard of living in an antebellum urban family?
-Need 600$ to live, father makes $300, wife and children make the rest
-Middle class
What statement best describes life for the average American farm worker in the antebellum period?
-Seasonal work
-Not as prosperous
-Required significant cash deposit
**An urban middle-class home in the 1850s would probably not have ________.
Running water
What type of urban housing developed during the early nineteenth century?
Row housing
What was one of the results of rising land values in the early nineteenth-century American city?
How did home furniture change?
Mass-production allowed good quality for Upper and Middle classes
What advance in heating and cooking occurred?
Stoves, fresh vegies, and a water-supply system
What changes took place to influence the diet of the average urban dweller?
Stoves, fresh vegies, salt,transportation of goods
What caused nationwide epidemics in the United States?
Transportation revolution
What medical development greatly advanced the image of surgeons and the success of health care?
What were the popular health movements?
Hydropathy and dietary changes (Graham)
Who was Sylvester Graham?
Dietist who believed in eating well and lessening sex
The belief that bumps on the skull reveal an individual’s personality is called ___________.
Phrenology was popular for all of the following reasons.
-Person master of his own destiny
-"Practical" Science
-Quick assesment of others
What was one of the changes that transformed American newspapers?
Cheaper paper and steam-driven presses
An American publisher who helped to transform newspapers and create the modern concept of news and news reporting was ________.
James Gordon Bennett
At a typical antebellum theater ________.
Crowds were rowdy and average people went
Who was the most popular dramatist in antebellum America?
Edwin Forrest
How did the popular minstrel show help to shape public perceptions of blacks during the antebellum period?
Diminish blacks
Who was the most famous impresario in nineteenth-century America?
P. T. Barnum
Why was P. T. Barnum a phenomenal success?
Safe family amusement and appetite for natural wonders
What are the aspect of transcendentalism? (3)
-God and freedom were innate, not from reason
-Knowledge was perception of truth
-Follow ones heart
What was the subject of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1837 address, “The American Scholar”?
Break free of European standards
Who were prominent New England writers identified with the American Renaissance
Cooper, Emerson, Thoreau, Fuller, Hawthorne, Melville, Poe, and Whitman
Which writer introduced into fiction the American frontiersman and the theme of conflict between civilization and primitive life in the wilderness?
Which of the following writers defended the right to disobey unjust laws, criticized the materialism of American society, and doubted the beneficial effects of technological advances?
How did the writings of Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman differ from those of Hawthorne, Poe, and Melville?
Hawthorne, Poe, and Melville dealt very little with American every-day life
During the pre-Civil War decades, American painters preferred to paint________.
Why did movements for rural cemeteries and urban parks develop?
-Spiritual refreshment
-Nature was made to mirror art
Samuel Colt ___________.
Invented revolgin pistol
What were the goals of the Hudson River school of painters?
-Painted unspoiled landscape scenes
-Preserve America
-Emotional affect
What was one of the purposes of the lyceum lectures?
Bringing culture to a broad public
From 1840 to 1860, technology affected American society in all of the following ways. (4)
-Reapers: wheat, stay with population growth
-Steam power: Seasonal work, increase productivity and $
-Railroads: New communities, and broader diet
-Penny press and novels