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Pres G. Washington
Federalist; 1789-1796. cabinent, bill of Rights,Bank of U.S., Proclamation of Neautrality, Jay and Pickney treaty, Farwell adrress
John Adams
Fed vp. last Fed pres: 1796-1800. XYZ, Alien/Sedition Acts. John MArshall= Supreme Court chief Justice
Tom Jefferson
Secretary of Stata for GW, vp for adams. against fed policy (aristocrats), support common man. Dem-Repub party. 1800-1808. Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, Embargo
Alex Hamilton
Sec of Treasury for GW.future of US= indutry and manufacturing
Judiciary Act of 1789
effetive heriarchial fed courts. city, cpunty, and state courts, circuit and Supreme Court. Supreme Court highest in US. defined each court's jurisdiction and method of appeal.
Tariff of 1789
1st law passed by Congress. protect infant industries of US by placing duty of 8% on imports.
French Revolution 1789
French middle and lower class overthrew king, power themselves. inspired by America;s ind from England and Enlightenment ideas.
Bank 0f US 1791
80% privately owned, 20% govt owned. collected revenues, loan to aristocracy
Whiskey Rebellion 1794
small farms in Penn rebell on excise tax on Whiskey. Washington squahes rebellion. =power of national govt.
treaty of Greenville
b/t Indians and US govt. rewuired Indians to give up land in Ohio river vally. =Am push for land
Jay's Treaty 1794-1795
US and Great Britain. resolve violations of Treaty of PAris. 1st treaty of US. Engliish withdraw from Northwest Territory, paid AM for seized ships. failed to resolve impressment of AM sailors. unpop
Pinckney's Treaty 1795
Spain and Am. settled Florida-Georgia dispute, defined its border. removed payment of tariffs by Am ships at port of NEw Orleans
Spain and AM
Dem-Republicans 1796
fromed by Jefferson,. oppose Alex Hamilton plan. supported common man. govt that governed least = best
XYZ affari
France began to seize goods from Am cargo. diplomats attempt to meet w/ foregin minister talleyrand of France, but anonmys foregin ministers: X,Y,Z need loan of 250,000 to consider negotiations. offend Am. want war.
Alien Sedition Acts 1798
Adams. deport (anti-fed) foreingers and quthorized imprisonment of aliens during war. Sedition- any opposition to legal measures of govt/slander = punished by fine/imprisonment
Elastic Clause
Congress the power to "make laws which shall be necessary and proper" for carrying out powers of Const. expand powers of Congress.
Virginia and Kentuckey Resolutions 1798-99
support of state soveirengty. response to Alien and sSedition act. K = interpostiton: const test of fed law in question. V- nullification