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Imaginary east-west lines around the globe
lines of latitude (parallels)
The line of latitude that is halfway between the North and South poles
unit of measure used with latitudes and longitudes to determine absolute location
Showing the earth's rounded surface on a flat piece of paper is called a
Geographers study the earth to learn how the earth and its people affect...
each other.
The study of the earth
What are the two questions that guide a geographer's work?
Where are things located?
Why are they there?
Information about the earth can be organized using 5 themes. What are they?
1. location 2. place
3. human-environment interaction
4. movement 5. regions
human-environment interaction are big words that mean
people and the environment affect each other
geographers find a place's absolute location by using
latitude and longitude
Why is the sun important to life on earth?
It provides heat and light.
Why is there always distortion on a map of the earth?
The earth is round and a map is flat.
What may be distorted on some maps?
size or shape of landmasses
The tilt of the earth on its axis results in parts of the earth having...
seasons (fall, winter, spring, and summer)