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Which computer component contains all the circuitry necessary for all components or devices to communicate with each other?
Which case type is typically used for servers?
Full Tower
What was the original name for a monitor?
Which motheboard design style is the most popular?
Which motherboard socket type is used on the Pentium IV (4) chip?
Socket 478
What is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a 5 1/4-inch floppy disk?
Which is another term for the motherboard?
Planar Board
Which of the following is used to store data and programs for repeated use? information can be added and deleted at will, and it does not lose it's data when power is removed.
Hard Drive
Which motherboard socket type is used with the AMD Athlon XP
Socket A
You want to plug a keyboard in to the back of a computer. You know that you need to plug the keyboard cable into a PS/2 port. Which style port is the PS/2?
Mini-DIN 6