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What does ATP stand for?
Adenosine triphosphate
What are the 3 types of energy sources for your body?
Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins
Explain the difference between anaerobic and aerobic?
Anaerobic is without oxygen and aerobic is with oxygen
What does (CP) stand for
Creatine Phosphate
What is Creatine Phosphate?
A high energy rich compound stored within your muscles.
What is Creatine Phosphate used for?
To resynthesize ATP.
What is Glycogen?
A long branched string of glucose (sugar) molecules.
What does the Anaerobic glycolytic pathway provide?
Energy for short duration, high-intensity excercise.
Which energy source can supply ATP during anaerobic workout?
What increases when you rapidly produce ATP with anaerobic excercise?
Lactic Acid
What does Lactic Acid do?
Causes muscle fatigue
Is endurance training primarily aerobic or anaerobic?
What does endurance (aerobic) training do to your body?
Increases the circulation of oxegyn throughout your body
What 2 things does anaerobic training do to your body?
Increases your ability to remove lactic acid and increase muscle size and strengh
What are the 4 factors that determine what energy source your body uses?
1.Intensity of workout
2.Duration of workout
3.Your diet composition
4.Your fitness level
What is main source of fuel at 40-60% of max heart rate?
Mostly fat stores
What is main source of fuel at 60-80% of max heart rate?
50% fat and 50% carbohydrates
What is main source of fuel at 80-90% of max heart rate?
Mainly carbohydrates
What is main source of fuel at >90% of max heart rate?
nearly 100% carbohydrate
Which fuel is the "back-up" fuel?
What is the principle role of protein?
Build muscle tissue, hormones, and antibodies
How will diet affect your bodies fuel selection?
If your diet is high in fat, your body will use more fat and visa versa