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Lexington and Concord 1775
British and colonial troops begin fighting, minutemen: PAulRevere and Will Dawes
Second Continental Congress 1775
13 colonies in Philidelphia. raise money and create a army and navy. *G Washington as head of army
they be in war now...
Bunker Hill 1775
British win
Declaration of Independence 1776
written by Jefferson. formally cut Brit-Am tie. list of grievances at King George III. universal appeal: focus on "natural rights" for all mankind. "self-evident truths
Common Sense
1776 Thomas Paine. persuade masses of joining patriot cause. separation from England.
supported King George III during revolution. 1/4 population, aristocratic
American colonists that fought fpr Ind against English
saratoga 1777
try to cut New England off from colonies. surrender to Am. turning point in war ->French alliance
French Alliance 1778
French promised colonists Independence and supplies, French port priveldges. U.s. fight until France ready for peace w/ Brit
Benedict Arnold
surrender of West point to Brit
Yorktown 1781
end of English control over colonies. French blockade. americans surround
Robert Morris
Superintendent of Finance in 1781. helped borrow money from Europe for U.S
borrow money
treaty of PAris 1783
Brit formall recognize ind of U.S., grant the, lands west of Mississippit.