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Queen Anne's War
1701-1713. France vs. England. Louis Xi tried to place grandson on Spanish throne. English control Hudson bay, Newfoundland, and Acadia
grandson on Spanish throne
War 0f Jenkins's Ear
1739. Spain v. England. Jenkin's ear cut off by Spanish captain, ear shown to Parliament
King George's War
1744-1748. indecisive. France v. England. mutual restoration of conquest
nothing happens
French and Indian War
1754-1763. France vs. England for North America and Europe. (7 yrs war in Europe). british capture Quebec and kick France out of North America. no more wars-> England ends salutary neglect. focuses on colonies. levy taxes to pay off debt of war
ur screwed if u dont know this term
Albany Congress/Albany Plan of Union
1754 Congress attempt to bring Iroquois into 7 yrs war. Albany Plan (b. Franklin)colonial defense problems be handled by royally appointed pres-genereal and a federal council delegates chosen by colonies. Iroquois = neautral
dont really understand it anyways...
William Braddock Massacre
1755. General Braddock ammbushed by French in Pennsylvania. only Washington and 30 clonists survive.
Samuel de Champlain
"faather of New France" establish Quebec - 1st permanent settlement in New France 1608
William Pitt
English general. victorious in NOrth America. Pittsburg
james Wolfe
English siege/capture of Quebec 1759
Battle of Quebec
1759. English vs. French for control of North America. Wolfe surrounds Quebec
treaty of PAris
1763. ends French and Indian War. gave England all of French territory in North AMerica
sux fo French
Pontiac's Rebeliion
1763. Pontiac = Indian chief. fought settlers moving to Mississippi Valley. smallpox killed his warriors
Proclamation of 1763
attempt to appease the Indians, prevent further clashes on frontier. prohibited settlement in area beyond Appalachians.
Americanos ignore it.