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Bacon's Rebellion
1676. angry backcountry men against gov. Berkeley of Virginia. governor unwilling to fight Indians who were attacking settlers b/c he wanted to protect fur trade. distrust of white indetured servants
Gov. Berkeley
Indentured Servant
worked w.out wages. 5-7 yrs in exchange for payment of passage to American colonies. cheap labor, were provided w/ food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention
Headright Sys
award tract of land (50 acres) to person who paid for passage of an immigrant. wealthy/Virginia/South= large tracts of land
Slave Trade
1st African slaves intorduced in Jamestown 1619 by Dutch traders. Triiangular trade
Half-Way Covenant
low church members in Puritan communities, softened standards to become a church member
low church members in Puritan communities
Cotton MAther
supported witch trials
1636 1st college in America, trained local boys for ministry
Puritans religion= education. so ppl can read the...... Bible
William and Mary
1693. train better class of clerics