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associated with studies in programmed learning, shortly after WWII; deals with objectives and goals
Vannevar Bush
wrote an article about a photoelectrical-mechanical device called Memex, which could make and follow links between documents on microfiche
Vannecar Bush
time period where hyperlinks were first sighted
Advanced Research Projects Agency
protoypes the NLS that does hypertext browsing, editing, email, etc.
Doug Engelbart
invents the mouse for the purpose of using NLS
Doug Engelbart
oNLine System
coined the terms hypertext and hypermedia in his writing
Ted Nelson
envisioned a computer-based system that was platform independent, universal, and multi-protocol
Ted Nelson
worked at CERN where he wrote a program to link between arbitrary nodes
Timonthy-Berners Lee
European Organization for Nuclear Research
wrote a proposal for a hypertext communications system ("Information Management: A Proposal")
Timony-Berners Lee
developed a hypertext system on the now defunt NextStep development environment, titled "WorldWideWeb"
Timony-Berners Lee
developed Mosaic for X Windows - the first browser 0 which was released to the public in 1993
Marc Andreeseen
created Mosaic Communications Corp, which eventually became Netscape Communications Corp.
Marc Andreeseen
the first W3C meeting was helf in December of _____.
advantages of the web
global, universal, time-independent, dynamic, real-time information resource
disadvantages of the web
connection/access, cost for access and space/services, speed/bandwidth, technology/compatibility, content/author validity, universality
a set of rules for data transfer and communication
hypertext transfer protocol
file transfer protocol
the web is composed of what 2 protocols?
transmission control protocol (TCP) and internet protocol (IP)
internet protocol
transmission control protocol
scheme where a single IP address can be used to disgnate many unique IP addresses
classless inter-domain routing (CIDR)
classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) is also called _____.
IP addresses and domain names are linked together in "master computers" called ______.
domain name servers (DNS servers)
universal resource locators
what does a browser do? (5 main points)
looks up the server, requests data, sends content, content is received, rendering of content
3 types of HTML are based on...?
strict DTD, transitional DTD, frameset DTD
keywords that identify content in a document as of a particular type
tags have optional settings, called _____ that can be defined for them
XHTML is case sensitive... true or false
all attribute values should be quoted... true or false
special characters must be entered using _____.
escape sequences
type of tags required in every document; they define the sections of an html document
structural tags
tags that can be used in the <head></head> section
head tags
tags designed to format blocks of text
block-level tags
tags designed to format words or phrases
text-level tags
text-level tags that are descriptive, as opposed to formatting-orientated
logical text tags
text-level tags that deal with strict formatting
physical text tags
tags predominantly used with CSS; has no visual effect on elements
invisible tags
tags often unclosed and are designed to do special things
empty/standalone tags
tag rules...
can only be one root element, elements must be properly nested, all tags must be closed, all single tag elements must be closed, all values must be in quotes, all elements and attributes must be lower case and are case sensitive, attribute minimization is forbidden
2 biggest visual design issues
resolution, color depth
biggest technical issue with browsers
the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time
2 issues with resolution
screen resolution setting, area consumed by the browser's chrome
the physical pixel size of the signal output from the video card
screen resolution
predominance of images on the web are ____.
3 attributes of raster graphics
resolution, color depth, file size
number of bits available for describing a single pixel
color depth
number of pixels per inch in an image
16-bit has _____ colors
8-bit has _____ colors
24-bit has ______ colors
16.7 million
32-bit has _____ colors
4.29 billion colors (true color)
index color or palletized color
calculation for file size
((resolution^2) * width * height * bit depth) / 8,192
links to other servers
extrasite links
links to internal documents on current server
intrasite links
links to places in the current documents; aka fragments
intra-document links
default target where link opens in a new window in front of current
default target where link opens in topmost window that contains current window frame
default target where link opens in the current window frame
default target where link opens in the window frame that contains the current window frame
type of image map where the definition of the "hot spots" and their associated links are defined in the HTML code using <map> and <area>; interpreted by the client
type of image map where the definition of the "hot spots" and their associated links are defined by an external .map file