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- CFR Part 1:
Definitions and Abbreviations
- CFR Part 65:
Certification: Airman other than Flight Crewman
- CFR Part 67:
Medical Standards and Certification
- CFR Part 71:
Designation of Federal Airways
- CFR Part 73:
Special Use Airspace
- CFR Part 77:
Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace
- CFR Part 91:
General Operating and Flight Rules
- CFR Part 93:
Special Air Traffic Rules and Airport Traffic Patterns
- CFR Part 95:
IFR Altitudes
- CFR Part 97:
Standard Instrument Approach Procedures
- CFR Part 99:
Security Control of Air Traffic
- CFR Part101:
Moored Balloons, Kites, Unmanned Rockets and Free Balloons
- CFR Part 105:
Parachute Jumping
- CFR Part 139:
Certification and Operations of Airfields