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Take off your shoes.
Key-ta-tay los sa-pah-toes.
OK, lie down on the bed . . .
OK, es-tee-ra-tay en la cam-iya. . .
Try to relax. . .
In-ten-ta re-la-har-tay. . .
I'll give you a job to do . . .
Tay dar-ay un tra-ba-ho . . .
To help you relax . . .
Para a-you-dar-tay
re-la-har . . .
Bring your mind down to your body.
Ba-ha two men-tay a two
Happily feel the bed with your bottom.
See-en-tay la ca-mi-ya
al-egg-ra-men-tay con two
If your mind goes back up to your head, ignore it. It's ok.
See two men-tay sue-bay a two ca-base-ah, ig-nora-lo. No pasa nada.
Just go back down to your bottom and feel the bed.
Simpla-men-tay voo-el-vay a two tra-ser-oh y see-en-tay la ca-mi-ya.
Ignore your thoughts. . . go back to your bottom.
Ig-nora los pen-sa-me-en-tos. . . vu-el-vay a two tra-ser-oh.
It's impossible to stop your thoughts . . . so don't try to. Just go back to your body.
Es im-po-see-blay pa-rar los pen-sa-me-en-tos. No in-ten-tes, vu-el-vay a two kwer-poh.
How are you now?
Co-mo ess-tass a-oh-ra?
Are you better?
Es-tass me-hor?
Do you feel the energy floow?

Did you feel the energy flow?
See-en-tess el flu-ho de en-er-gee-ya?

Sen-teas-tay el flu-ho de en-er-gee-ya?
Do you feel hot?

Did you you feel hot?
See-en-tess ka-lor?

Sen-teas-tay calor?